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Monday, June 13, 2016

Kat Von D | Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Review & Swatches

I've heard good things about Kat Von D, and everlasting liquid lipsticks in particular. I am going through a bit of a pink phase and Berlin looks like the perfect pink, not too bright or girly. It looks sophisticated and will hopefully look nice when I've got my summer tan! I like to keep my stash of dark vampy brown-reds well stocked and I thought, based entirely on swatches I saw online, that Vampira would make a good addition to my collection. Sephora describes Berlin as a warm rose and Vampira as a deep reddish burgundy. 

They are a bit flimsier than I thought they would be; they aren't poor quality but i'm so obsessed with packaging that these were a bit of a let down. The tubes are skinny which makes the suspicious me feel as if I'm getting less product for my money although I don't think this is actually the case, and they match the whole Kat Von D range very nicely! 

Berlin on the Left and Vampira on the Right. As per usual I haven't waited long enough for the swatches to dry, but they do have a matte finish. Unlike the ABH liquid lipsticks, these everlasting liquid lipsticks live up to their name and don't fade, or crumble after just a few hours wear. The formula didn't dry my lips out and they have managed to survive an evening of food-grazing and wine drinking. I'm not as happy with Vampira, it isn't opaque with one application and required a fair bit of going over to get it to a satisfactory shade. 

The detailing is pretty cute, and I actually prefer this to the likes of Gerard Cosmetics and ABH, I just wish the plastic felt a bit more heavy and solid. 

All in all, I like these. They tick the boxes for longevity and the colours are truly beautiful. I'm just too shallow and put too much stock on how the product looks, rather than just the quality. The price is reasonable, but I'd be happier (obviously) if they were ever so slightly cheaper! If you are in the US you can buy them here from Sephora for $20 each. 

What do you think of Kat Von D?

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