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Friday, August 12, 2016

Paperchase | Stationery Flatlay Workshop

A short while ago, I was invited along to a Blogger's Flatlay Workshop run by the creatives at Paperchase, Tottenham Court Road. We got to hang out with some pretty cool bloggers, eat mini sandwiches and tartlets and create lots of cute flat lays with a range of different products - all of which can be found at Paperchase stores!

I went along with Juanita from Oh So Vague, a great blogger I know from Uni, as Kirsty was not available. With so many different stationery ranges available, we were quick to grab these adorable pieces, mostly from their Raindrops collection and well.. as much gold/pastel coloured pieces we could find!

Knowing what makes a good flatlay is the key to blogging these days, so this workshop was really helpful in helping us style photos, knowing what is 'too much' and how to place things, what to include and how to grab the most attention.

This is by far my favourite image. The heart shaped paperclips are beaut and I love the contrast of the brown and black with the metallic writing.

Main thing I've learnt: symmetry, alignment and angles are your best friend when it comes to placing items in your flatlay. Lining up items in perfect rows, or juxtaposition-ing items to create depth and contrast to turn a boring image of random items into an Instagram-worthy images that not only tells a story but it almost guaranteed views and likes.

We were lucky enough to keep some of these cute items of stationery to continue photographing them and using them at home. I love my notebook, list book and magnetic clipboard which now sits on my fridge door for shopping lists etc.!

So a huge thank you to all at Paperchase for another fun filled workshop! We can't wait for your next one!

Here's some more photos from the day :D

Whats your favourite item in the Raindrops range? Have you been to a Paperchase workshop before?

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  1. Oh wow, now this sounds just amazing. I adore Paperchase and am always in that store! Learning to flat lay is something I would love to do x


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