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Thursday, September 08, 2016

10 Occasions It's Totally Okay to Wear Sunglasses

Don’t listen to people who say you can only wear sunglasses when it’s sunny and call you a celeb wannabe when you rock them indoors - what do they know huh? There are plenty of times and places when rocking the finest women’s designer sunglasses* man can find is more than appropriate; in fact, some situations practically demand the added touch of glam they bring. Here are 10 occasions where it’s totally okay to be wearing sunglasses:

  1. It’s sunny Well duh, this is the obvious one.
  2. It’s raining Do you really want your smokey eye streaming all down your face?
  3. It’s windy Thank God for sunglasses which will prevent your false eyelashes becoming victim to a vicious gust of wind.

    Basically, whatever the weather - sunglasses are fine!

  4. When you haven’t put any makeup on! Picture the scene; it’s Sunday morning, you’re hungover and in desperate need of some carbs. Unfortunately for you, your kitchen is a barren wasteland and a trip to the shops is called for. Of course, you can’t be bothered to put whack on any mascara or foundation but if you go out fresh (ish) faced then it will obviously be the day you run into all your ex’s, former bosses and that teacher you always hated at school. The solution is sunglasses - big, massive sunnies that not only cover your eyes but half your face too. Problem solved.
  5. When you need to check someone out! On the beach and someone caught your eye, but you don’t want them to literally see that they’ve caught your eye? Conceal those peepers and drool in private without anyone knowing.
  6. When you realise how expensive they were It started off with one pair but now you’ve got quite the collection of designer sunglasses and there’s a rather big dent in your bank account from your obsession. You’ll be damned if you’re only wearing them on the 4 hot days we get in Britain each year.
  7. To hide from the world Is there anything worse than accidentally bumping into an old acquaintance and getting stuck in an awkward conversation with them? Avoid small talk by covering those lids and be blissful in the knowledge you are essentially invisible with your glasses on.
  8. To eye roll in peace Suffer from bitchy resting face? Or perhaps you have a partner or boss that has you rolling your eyes into the back of your skull with their stupidity at times? No one’s none the wiser of your disdain for fellow humans when you’ve got your best aviators on covering things up.
  9. To complete a look Some outfits just call for a pair of sunglasses to complete the look. What would Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany's look be without the fab cat eye glasses complementing the hat and creating that iconic image. Okay, you’re not a Hollywood star but you need your signature classic looks too so get that accessory draw open and work on your very own movie star look.
  10. Because you’re fabulous And have you ever needed an excuse to be a glamourous babe before?

My absolute favourite sunglasses at the moment are these Christian Dior dupes. I have them in both black and rose gold and they're the ultimate blogger sunnies. You'll see them everywhere, and on everyone's faces. For just £3.43 you can grab your own pair to save you from all the above situations! Eye rolling and pretending I'm asleep are the main uses for mine!

What do you use sunnies for other than in sun?


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