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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Results With Lucy | Wobble to Model | Wedding Day Weight Loss

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Getting engaged was the best thing that's happened to me. Not only do I get to marry my best friend, but it has also been the beginning of a new chapter of my life. Striving to be the fittest me I can be and get back down to my pre-relationship weight - let's face it.. we all let ourselves go when we get comfortable - which was 3 1/2 stone lighter than my weight when I got engaged. I know, I really let myself go! I was determined to begin my married life as I ended my single life.. thin and fit.

It literally feels like yesterday that I could get away with wearing super short tight skirts, super tight tops and not have any rolls or wobbly bits! Now, I try and wear baggy tops and always wear black to appear thinner, mourn the suitcases of my 'thin clothes' that I still cannot wear yet. Well, actually, not so much any more, as since Christmas, when I was at my all time heaviest - 13st 2lbs!! - I began my very first Results with Lucy plan, New Beginnings.. This 13 week at-home, on-demand virtual personal trainer programme helped me tone up and lose 13 pounds in 13 weeks!  In past years, I've gone through phases of using the gym every day, to going once every 4 months. I was in the 4 month lull. This programme set me down the path to a healthier, fitter lifestyle and reintroduced me to exercise since I had been out of it for a very long time.

Since finishing that plan, I have managed to maintain my weight. I actually lost an additional 3 lbs when I was ill with another bad stomach flare up, but put most of that back on through eating my emotions.. we all do it. My health has now improved meaning I can start up the second stage in my weight loss journey with Results with Lucy and I must say, I'm super excited! I've gone through stages of starting the plan, keeping it up for 3 days, then life got in the way, or I became ill again, so I am praying that I can stick at it this time, as I got such good results from the first stage!

Wobble to Model is the next step in the 3 stage fitness guide. This more intermediate levelled programme is just 6 weeks long and aims to tone and define all areas of the body, whilst also losing fat. Hopefully this will see just as good results as I saw before, and get me to my next mile stone which is 11st - a whole 2 stone loss from Christmas. I will then continue onto the third and final stage of RWL - HIIT. There are loads of plans available; whether you're a student, a mum, or just want to kick start your fitness regime, there's a plan for everyone.

Week 1, 6 and 13 of New Beginnings.
My current measurements are as follows..

Chest - 97cm
Waist - 74cm
Stomach - 86cm
Hips - 94cm
Bum - 107cm
Thigh - 64cm
Arm - 30cm

Although I've not gained weight during the time I haven't been working out.. I have gained cm.. but, as I have been eating dairy (i'm intolerant) it's thrown me way off balance and have been super super bloated and ill.. well that's what I'm telling myself it is..

Check back in a couple weeks to see my progress!

Also check out my progress post from the last stage to see how I got on and whether you'd think about trying it for yourself! I am so much happier than I was, even though I still feel like I look like a blob, but once I've got my abs back and my thighs shrink, I will be that one step closer to fitting into my dream wedding dress!

My wedding is 9 months away and I haven't even looked at wedding dresses, let alone tried any on. My worry is that if I go when I'm larger, and choose a dress, if I then lose my desired amount of weight, would I then change my mind about the style of dress? I don't know what to do! Any suggestions?

Hopefully by the time I finish this plan next month, I will be in a lot better shape, so will be better inclined to want to try on dresses without feeling silly or self conscious and will have a better idea of what my body will be like by June next year.

Have you got a wedding or big event coming up? Want to lose weight for that beach holiday next year? Want to get an early start of the pre-Christmas cut? You can sign up to your very own plan here or start a 3 day free trial!


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