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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Introducing Beefeater's Summer Menu | Stevenage

This post has been a long time coming, and it's mainly due to our super incredibly busy schedules what with the wedding, holidays, new jobs, uni etc. So our backlog is getting crazy! This post for example was due to go up about 2 months ago! Such bad bloggers we know! Rather than admitting defeat and accepting it won't go up in time, we feel like this one really has to as the food was just so damn good!

I'd never been to Beefeater before this, that I know of. A branch opened 2 minutes from my house over a year ago and I still didn't go, for literally no other reason than not being able to find the time and it was always booked up whenever we did decide to go. I mean, the idea of a restaurant dedicated to beef, literally sounds like my kind of heaven, so when Beefeater* told us about their new Summer menu, we jumped at the chance to sample it!

 Beef has become a staple in my diet since my other half made me a sirloin steak one time. I absolutely fell in love. Medium-rare is where it's at! Despite being on diets, we decided to cheat and splurge entirely on multiple courses full of carby goodness. A twist on modern British classics, you have everything from huge portions of delicious garlic bread and huge cuts of prime beef, to incredibly indulgent brownies, their Great Taste of Britain menu is just the thing you need this summer, even if the weather has turned!

Be sure to visit your nearest Beefeater to sample some of these incredible dishes on their summer menu.

Where's your favourite place to eat?

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