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Sunday, November 05, 2017

Beauty Fail | Soap & Glory SUPERCAT Liner


The Soap&Glory SUPERCAT Liquid Black Eyeliner Pen is probably one of the first products (especially from S&G) I can say I definitely won't be buying again. 

My signature look has evolved over the years from liner in my waterline and layers upon layers of mascara creating a small eyed spidery lashed look of the early noughties, to a sultry (hopefully) feline flick that I couldn't leave the house without today. 

To achieve the desired flick, the jet black, solid line of YAAS, the one tool you need - none of that faffy celotape/stencil shit, unless you really need it - is an amazing liquid liner.  One that doesn't bleed, smudge, one that doesn't need several strokes to achieve the desired depth of black and one that is so pin sharp that your wing could cut a bitch. Sadly, this liner is none of those things. 

Soap & Glory initially won my heart and custom with their skincare. Hand Food was my handbag holy grail. I'd never really tried much of their makeup range other than their lip plumping gloss Sexy Mother Pucker, so didn't really know what to expect. Having heard such great things about this liner from many twittos and bloggers, I was so surprised that it as such a let down for me. 

The first stroke was what disappointed me from the start. Yes, I probably should have tested it in the shop, but I was in a rush and had relied on the recommendation of others to trust my purchase. The first stroke was really patchy, this is just with the very tip of the nib, which you would use to create the perfect line. No line can be made with this liner, that's for sure.

The second stroke is slightly pressing down to give a deep black line. This bled instantly, meaning that you won't be cutting any bitches with a bleeding wing. This is the second sign that this liner was a fail.

The final stroke - or strike in my case, was having to use the side of the nib to get a decent line, but even this was not solid and would need a few more strokes to get to the solidity you would expect from a liquid liner.

To conclude, as you may have guessed, I'm not the greatest fan of this liner, so it can just join my fancy dress box for use when precision lines are not needed.

Have you tried this liner? What's the biggest fail you've found?


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  1. It's such a shame you don't like this eyeliner! All of the Soap & Glory products I've tried so far have been amazing x



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