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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Superdrug's NEW Some Body Protein Range | Reaching My Fitness Goals

Source: Superdrug.com

Okay, I said in my previous post that I wasn't into the whole 'New Year, New Me' goal setting, but I guess I lied... a little. My goal within the last few years was to get back to my weight in sixth form. you'll see various posts from me in the past few years that try new exercises, diets etc in a bid to lose weight, get fitter and get my old silhouette back. This year, it's just a re-commitment to myself to be better, thinner, fitter. 

Source: Superdrug.com

I'm exploring new ways to stay fit and recover after my intense 5-weekly gym workouts and came across Superdrug's 'Some Body' range* of protein enriched powders, snacks, drinks and pancake mixes to help reach fitness goals. 

New research from Superdrug has revealed that for 6 out of 10 Brits, a simple compliment in January is the way to stay motivated with New Year goals, with 88% believing more compliments need to be given in January than any other month to encourage, inspire and motivate during the bleak cold winter. There's nothing better than a 'you look great!' or 'have you lost weight?' to give you the confidence and reassurance that what you're doing is working. 
Dr Becky Spelman, Registered Practitioner Psychologist & member of BABCP backs the findings, saying, "When it comes to getting fit, losing weight, or focusing on our health, positive acknowledgement is very useful. Hearing that we are looking good from people, and that the time and effort we have invested in our health are bearing fruit, actually spurs us on to do even more."

This is certainly the case for me. When I feel like shit, I just want to curl up and eat a massive tub of Ben & Jerrys until I feel better (which never happens as it just makes me feel even worse about myself) but when I feel like I look good, or others comment on my shape or that I'm doing well on my diet, it makes me feel good and actually look forward to my next gym session. Having a gym buddy or weight loss partner also helps with motivation as you can help each other with workout tips, be each other's personal trainer and help steer one another in the right direction when you're feeling weak for sugar.

Reaching for snacks is my worst habit and probably the main reason for my 1st weight gain over Xmas. The snack bars and protein drinks in this range have really helped curbed my habits as they are a much healthier, lower calorie, high protein alternative to my usual biscuit/chocolate fix. The Pure Whey Protein mix in Chocolate has been the best replacement for snacks as it's filling and low in calorie. Protein is great for muscle repair so after the gym, it's a good shake to have as a recovery, or as a meal replacement if you finish at the gym too late to have dinner (which is often the case for me). 

Snack bars are also part of the range with the Cocoa and Orange and Salted Fudge Bars making nutritious and delicious snacks for those late afternoon cravings for something sweet. Gluten and Soya free, they're 100% natural with no added sugars. 

Other additions to the range include the Detox Cleanse tea bags, popcorn, flavoured water and protein pancake mix. With Ash Wednesday just a few weeks away, I thought I'd do what anyone would do in my situation... test out the pancakes! I'm here to report that they taste exactly like normal pancakes and put with sugar free syrup and some healthy fruit, make an amazing breakfast, snack or post-gym treat. If you want to make your own pancakes from the protein powder, here's a recipe I came up with!

With so much in their range and at affordable prices (from 79p for the bags of popcorn to £24.99 for a 28 day supply of the Day & Night Detox and Cleanse Tea Bags), you've got loads to choose from to help with your fitness goals, weight loss, detox or workout recovery. Don't forget, a simple compliment goes a long way to helping you maintain motivation to keep at it, so here's one from me... You look AMAZING, flawless and incredible. Your hard work is paying off girlllll!

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