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Sunday, August 19, 2012


These are now my favourite shoes.
I've been waiting till I had enough money to buy some new heels, and I finally have! Let's celebrate!
I've seen this style of shoe around for a while now and I've been trying to get hold of a pair for myself. I know Missguided have loads of different colours to choose from but I was just browsing (yeah right) in a shop called Ark in York and I saw these beauties.

I had a staff night out the next day and I didn't bring any of my heels up from home as I didn't think I'd need them so I just used this as an excuse to buy them.
At £35 they aren't bad. They feel sturdy and they're actually really comfy despite the immense height. I got the faux swede pair as the mock leather were sort of greyish in colour and these are dark black and look better I think. I probably should have spent the extra few pounds and bought the missguided ones which I think are real leather, but oh well.. I couldn't wait for a delivery.
I strongly recommend heels like this. You wont find a comfier pair!

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