I'm loving the warmer weather we have been having recently and have really looking to liven up my home. Most of my furniture is minimalist and cold, neutral toned. I love black, white and grey and have pretty much stuck to that theme throughout. I rely on rugs and soft furnishings to brighten things up, and this Evans Lichfield* cushion has done just that. I am cushion obsessed and probably have close to 10 on my bed at any given moment. I am more than a bit partial to pink and this hydrangea cushion pairs well with the deep pink velvet one I picked up at TKMaxx a while back. 

Cushions and the like are perfect for sprucing up your home, as they are easy to switch out with the seasons and as your tastes change. I find it really difficult to commit to colour or patterns (literally all of my clothing is black) so this is ideal. The one upside of having monotone furniture is that pretty much everything goes well. 

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect rug in the TV/sofa section of our open plan living space, but i am tempted to go for something bold that complements my cushions. This Evans Lichfield beaut hasn't lost its' shape after several months of daily squashing and the cover is removable meaning I can wash it when I inevitably spill food on it. If you want to browse their catalogue, you can do so here

What are your top tips for livening up your living space for spring?

Sephora Beauty Wishlist

I'm sure you have heard of Sephora, and probably want to campaign for it to open in the UK (amirite? If you feels strongly enough, email LVMH which is the parent group that owns Sephora). We are stuck unable to access all the goodies that they stock. They have so many products that are impossible/ very difficult/ expensive to get hold of this side of the pond and I know they recently started shipping to the UK but I found all the good stuff was not available for international shipping. Luckily, I'm in France quite a bit so I can get to a Sephora for all the own brand products and my faves like Marc Jacobs are now available here, but the US Sephora is incomparable. 
 My aunt recently relocated to the East coast and I'm very very lucky to be able to use her postal address. Another benefit of placing a US order is that you get to take advantage of all the promo codes, birthday gifts and samples that not applicable for UK orders, plus the tax is lower. 

Whilst I'm talking about tax, it is important to bear in mind that tax is added on to total when you get to the till so the first price you see is not what you end up paying. I'm not totally sure but I think the tax level varies by state. I had quite a bit of difficulty placing an order because Sephora just did not want to take my money and kept rejecting my money when I knew I had enough in the bank (hello student loan). 

I realise I have not numbered the pictures so I'll go row by row. Without further ado, my top picks:

1. The Estée Edit by Estée Pore Vanishing Stick, $28. I had a little chat with the SA at the Estée Lauder concession in Boots yesterday about this new line (getting matched for the double wear foundation) and she said it won't be widely available in the UK for ages and ages but that it is now stocked in Selfridges, although i found no evidence of this online! The packaging is cute and fresh and I think the brand are really cashing in on their new spokesmodel, Kendall Jenner, and aiming for a younger crowd.

2. Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette, $46. This is everywhere on IG and i'm dying to try it. I currently use the ABH cream contour palette and think powder might work a bit better for me.

3. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Berlin and Vampira, $20 each. Again, i've heard such good things and i'm having a bit of a love affair with liquid lipsticks in 2016. 

4. Milk Make Up Lip Marker in Rare Breed, $20. I love the packaging, clearly reminiscent of old school chunky highlighters. I'm not sure how it will work practically when it comes to application but i'm looking forward to giving it a go.

5. Milk Make Up Eye Pigment in Silent Disco, $24. Again, the packaging of this brand is everything and I think the shimmery brown shade will complement every shade I already own. 

6. Milk Make Up Cooling Water, $24. I'm not going to lie, I have no idea what it is but I want it. It kinda looks like a deodorant and is supposed to refresh and invigorate i think.

7. Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette, $45. I know Tarte is available in the UK through QVC but I find it such an annoying website because the things I want are never in stock and I deeply resent paying shipping, especially per item. I have wanted this forever and I can't wait to see if the shades live up to the hype. 

8. Fresh Sugar On the Go Lip Trio, $30. I always see these reviewed and on IG and they are just so pretty I have been dying to get my hands on one. They now have a UK website and a London store but I had a terrible customer service experience over Christmas so i'd rather avoid them here. I ordered a load of gifts, payment was taken etc etc and a few days later (very close to christmas) they emailed to say the items actually were not in stock, soz. They offered to let me place an order over the phone but said i would be ineligible for free shipping- I didn't really fancy giving my card details over the phone so that was the end of that. 

9. Tarte Tarteist Blush Palette, $38. Tarte amazonian clay blushes are supposed to be amazing and until very recently I had never even seen one pop up on the QVC site. I looked into getting this on Amazon but it was easily triple the price and for a product I have never tried and tested I was not going to take that risk, and that would have been so stupid to pay that much. I think $38 is really reasonable for 4 shades too. 

10. The Estée Edit by Estée Mattified Lipstick in On Point, $22. I love love love the ombre packaging and a girl can never have too many matte nude lipsticks. 

11. Fresh Sugar Lychee Perfume Rollerball, $25. I am so envious of girls state side who have access to every perfume in rollerball format because it is so damn convenient and much easier that lugging about a massive glass bottle in my handbag. Buying perfume online makes me nervous and although i read a million reviews before i added it to the cart, perfume is so subjective that I don't know if i will like it. It's relatively cheap though and I have high hopes. 

12. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks in Vamp and American Doll, $20 each. I didn't actually order these ABH beauties from Sephora, I bought them direct from their website here and had zero problems with my card. I have been trying to get these since their release and have been pestering Cult Beauty weekly with emails asking when they will be stocked. Apparently they are just so popular and the UK is at the back of the queue after the US suppliers for orders, I guess we just don't deserve nice things. ABH products have never failed to impress me and I get so frustrated seeing them online and  on IG, rubbing them in my face and having to wait months to then pay an inflated price for the product <stomps feet> Anyway, after all the time i have spent daydreaming about these lipsticks, they better be good. 

If you are interested in treating yourself to a few things from Sephora, there is a flat rate for shipping of £6 for orders over £75. As a rule, products that are available in the UK are not eligible for international shipping, and neither are 'hazardous' products like nail varnish. It will not tell you as you shop that you can't have the item, it will only be flagged up at the checkout stage. For more information about international shipping, see here.

What would you choose to buy?

Results with Lucy Progress Review MiraFit Measuring Tape Heart Rate Monitor Resistance Band

I'm about half way through my journey in to New Beginnings and I must say, I'm really pleased with the progress I've made. I'm going to admit here and now, and put my hands up and say I haven't followed the programme to the tee. But there have been great results regardless and I can't wait to see what the remaining half of the programme can help me achieve. 

To read my initial post on this, click HERE.

I started off at 12 st 7lbs. Not a happy weight, but a long way off my heaviest weight that I'd reached over Christmas. After developing a dairy intolerance and sticking to a dairy free diet, I shed 6lbs, but soon found my way back to indulging my sweet tooth once I'd fully discovered the Free From ranges in local supermarkets. I've found chocolate bars, cake recipes, brownies, and every other thing that I shouldn't be able to eat, but now I can. My sweet cupboard at home, which I once thought would be baron for many years, this time is full once again with dairy free/vegan sweets, cookies and chocolate. I just can't help myself!

Now with the help of Results with Lucy, I've shed another 7-8lbs (my weight has fluctuated over the last week - birthdays are never healthy) and am now (almost) below 12st. Which is still huge for me, as I was a scrawny child, but once puberty hit, I ranged from an 8 to a 14 and back down again, then slowly crept up over the past 5 years. I realise clothes sizes and weight is just a number, it should be how you feel about yourself looking in the mirror. But with that.. with slimming down and toning up, its nice to know that you've dropped a dress size or you're back to your pre uni weight. 

When I was weight lifting and hitting the gym on a semi-regular basis (my friends would laugh at this) I wasn't losing any weight at all and I got really frustrated and started fixating on the numbers. My then-PT told me to stay away from the scales and start taking measurements as these would be the indicators of my body changing. As I was building muscle, the fat was being replaced pound for pound the more I worked. As muscle has a higher density than fat, I was actually slimming down, but still weighed the same or saw little difference in my weight. This is totally normal. 

After these 6 weeks, I've noticed my legs and tummy toning up, and other areas of my body getting smaller, despite not seeing too much change in my weight. Obviously 8lbs is loads, but in 6 weeks, had I followed the diet plan (and the timetable) correctly, I probably would have lost around 12lbs. I gave in to my sweet tooth, and missed almost a whole week of exercise. Luckily they give you 2 weeks extra to catch up! 

My clothes are fitting better, my sports bra even sits better and isn't as tight and I'm feeling a lot more confident. I really want to be able to shed another 7lbs at the very least over the next 8 weeks in time for my holiday to Portugal, where I hope I'll be able to exercise a couple times too, so I don't lapse!

I'm quite proud of my before and after photo as it really shows my progress. I just cant wait until I have the 13 week photo and see the difference (praying that there is some). You can see my ribs coming through at the sides, my stomach has reduced in size (to be fair, I was really bloated in the first one, as a reaction to dairy), my bum has shrunk, legs toned, chest has shrunk too and arms are toning up.

Here's my new measurements compared to my starting:
Chest - 92cm (8cm loss)
Waist - 71cm (9cm loss)
Stomach - 83cm (8cm loss)
Hips - 86cm (5.5cm loss)
Bum - 105cm (9cm loss)
Thigh - 66cm (4cm loss)
Arm - 30.5 (2.5cm loss)

Fitness Test 2:
Press Ups - 24 (knees) (3 more)
Squats - 37 (full) ( 4 more)
Plank - 1 minute (full) (30seconds and on knees previously)
Jacks - 61 (full) (5 more)

So I've lost a huge 9cm of my bum and waist and 8cm off my chest and stomach. These types of numbers, I like! I've also made an improvement on my fitness too which I've also noticed on my journey to work. I no longer am dying when I have to run up the escalator to catch my train!

Check back in 8 weeks to see the final results!!

If you want to sign up to a New Beginnings plan or a similar Virtual Personal Training plan (they're so cheap!) Click HERE

Have you tried RWL? Which plan have you used?

With my birthday coming up in the next week or two, there's one thing that's always on my birthday wish list, and that's to get a massage! From gym workouts and a desk job, I'm always aching and hold a lot of tension in my neck, back and shoulders. A massage is just what I need.

Set amongst the idyllic lush green fields of Hertfordshire, Church Farm is a lovely place off the beaten track. A place to visit animals, camp out, and enjoy afternoon tea with family as well as picking up fresh produce straight from the farm. 

A hidden gem amongst the many activities at Church Farm is the Beauty Barn. Offering Holistic Therapy including Swedish, Aromatherapy, Back, Neck and Shoulder and Indian head massages, you are guaranteed to leave your stresses and tension behind you after just 30minutes to an hour. 
Kayleigh, at The Beauty Barn, is a lovely, passionate therapist eager to expand her client base. She not only provides a friendly, relaxing environment, in which to unwind and release tension, but also offers great pamper packages for bridal parties, hen do's, birthdays and girls days out. 

With prices as low as £15, you can treat yourself, your girlfriend, mum, cousin, sister,  or whoever else you think would enjoy some 'me' time, to up to an hour of aromatherapeutic bliss. With countless massage oils of relaxing and rejuvenating fragrances, you can feel at comfort and ease whilst being pampered. 

I was lucky enough to receive a full-body Swedish massage, which incorporates the usual relaxing flowing circular motions with the palms and hands with stretching and more vigorous kneading and percussion-like taps, ensuring the entire body is circulating oxygen in the blood and expelling muscle toxins. 

After the hour long massage, I felt loose, limber and surprisingly awake, considering I was fighting to stay awake throughout. The soothing music definitely chilled me out, but it was the atmosphere, the oils, and of course the skilful therapist which made the experience one I would definitely do again. Kayleigh even offers a loyalty scheme whereby you get 5 treatments, you get a Neal's Yard product free. You get 10 treatments, you get a free facial and a half price full body massage. I can't wait to go back again! It's certainly worth the 25 minute drive up the A10.

If you're looking for a treat for yourself or someone you know, or are even looking for a pamper package for you and your friends, The Beauty Barn at Church Farm in Ardeley, Hertfordshire is super affordable, and a great excuse to give yourself a little TLC.

You can give Kayleigh a ring on 07535650872 to book your appointment!

Makeup Revolution Flawless Ultra Eyeshadow Palette

I'm utterly in love with the Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes. Being so affordable and great quality, they're all favourites amongst bloggers. Last weekend I popped into Superdrug actually looking for somewhere that sells NYX. I'm yet to find anywhere local to me. But while I was in there, I thought I may as well browse the offers and see what I can buy instead. Low and behold, the Revolution counter was calling my name. "3 for 2" it was saying, "buy me, buy me".. I mean, how's a girl to resist?! 

So I bought three.. yes three eyeshadow palettes.. all for £16! Such a bargain. I couldn't wait to get back home and swatch them for you. 

Makeup Revolution Flawless Ultra Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution Flawless Ultra Eyeshadow Palette

Now that I'm helping my friend with bridal makeup clients, I've been experimenting more with eyeshadow looks and really want to wear it more myself, as I'm more of a simple winged eyeliner kinda gal. I do wear shadows on nights out, but they don't tend to be too dramatic as I've not been that good until I started practicing. 

Makeup Revolution Flawless Ultra Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution Flawless Ultra Eyeshadow Palette

The palettes themselves are very simplistic, but have beaut metallic outer-packaging.  This rose gold box is full of stunning shimmers and glitters and pure gorgeousness. 32 eyeshadows.. at just £8.. it's just unreal! They're all super pigmented and can all work seamlessly together to make the perfect smoky eye, the perfect nude look or the perfect glittery glam.

Makeup Revolution Flawless Ultra Eyeshadow Palette

Here's the swatches from top row to bottom, left to right.

Keep an eye out for swatch posts of the other two palettes I purchased!

Do you have this palette? Done any tutorials using it? I'd love to see them!

Every Christmas growing up in my teens, I would write my Christmas list for my parents, detailing the things I'd had my eye on that year. Amongst other unrealistic super expensive, dream items, every single year without fail, there on the list would be 'braces'.

I apologise in advance for the length of this post, but hopefully you'll find it useful if you too are looking to get braces. I hope to share as much detail as possible, but if you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a question in the comments or tweet me!

I had braces like most kids, at the age of 12 while they were still free under the NHS (over 18s are not covered). But after losing one retainer and the new one taking too long to be made, my teeth had already moved back to their original position and my new retainer didn't fit. A whole year of my life wasted! Since then, I've been so self conscious of opening my mouth or letting people see them, that I don't think I've actually smiled... like.. properly grinned.. in over 10 years. I absolutely hate it when people say "cummon' just smile",  or "cheer up, it might never happen", or the worst one; "you would look so much prettier if you smiled". It's horrible and actually makes me feel even worse about myself as I then have to make doubly sure I don't smile to hide the fact I'm not smiling because of my teeth.  I went through my teens smiling as if I'd lost all my teeth with my lip covering them, or I would hide my mouth behind my hand. It's really no way to live, and did horrors to my self confidence and social life.

I was constantly accused of being grumpy or giving people a dirty look when they first meet me.. but it simply wasn't the case! I'm generally a bubbly person, energetic and talkative (some would say I even talk too much!) But I suffer from a natural 'resting bitchy face' which I'm sure fellow sufferers would agree, it's a real problem that some of us girls face. 

Now, I can't help the natural position of my face sans expression, but I can do something about my insecurity with my smile, and hopefully once I'm finally happy with my teeth, I can start smiling again and finally reflect my personality on the outside!

Since I've been engaged, I've said to my partner that I will not have any photos of me on our wedding day unless my teeth are straight. I don't want to look back at photos and hate myself or have the photographer photoshop the hell out of each one, then privately cry to myself that it isn't the reality. My dream is to smile proudly on my wedding day and that's exactly what I've endeavoured to accomplish!

I did lots of research into the different types of braces and different options; veneers, lingual braces, clear removable braces (like Invisalign) and fixed braces, either metal, plastic and ceramic (train tracks) and I eventually settled on a fixed train track like brace.  I found them to be much cheaper, get better results and I wouldn't ever be able to lose them as I did my retainer the first time round. The deciding factor was that invisible braces only tilt your out-of-line teeth into position, whereas fixed wired braces can physically move the position of the teeth in any direction, twisting, turning, tilting and pulling them into 'correct' alignment. They are also a lot faster at doing this than removable braces such as Invisalign. This just seemed more permanent and more effective!

This type of brace works by fixing brackets to each tooth in a particular place, which, when attached to a progressively stiffer wire (changed each month), will pull them into perfect alignment. The treatment is then finished off with not only a removable clear retainer (like the one you get with Invisalign) but a permanent fixed wire on the back of the teeth to keep them in line FOREVER!

 As I needed both my top and bottom arches corrected, overcrowding and overlapping; I had several sets of moulds and photos taken at the dentist to confirm that this was the best course of action to take. Once confirmed, my monthly payment agreement was signed and was booked in the following week for my new braces to be fitted.

Being something which I've wanted for so long, I have no shame in admitting the price. All in, my braces, retainer, appointments, permanent wire, moulds, adjustments etc. is costing me £3,200. Over 3 years in a 0% interest payment agreement, and a small deposit, this is costing me around £73 a month.

At Christmas last year, in lieu of any presents, I asked relatives to instead kindly donate some money into my 'Tooth Fund' so that I could have a perfect smile for my perfect day. My very generous partner and parents will do the same for any upcoming birthdays and Christmases to help me pay it off. I just cant wait for them to see the final result!

adult orthodontics ceramic braces clear braces train tracks

Now I have the braces fitted, there's been quite the adjustment with what I can eat, how I eat and getting used to both wearing them, and their upkeep. With some luck, they should be off in time to have perfectly straight teeth for my wedding next June.  There's been so much progress in movement in the 5 short weeks that I've had them on. My two front teeth, which previously overlapped and stuck out, are now almost in alignment and actually look half way to a decent smile. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!

Now, most people ask about pain. Initially there was some pain, but mainly due to the pre brace hygienist appointment which made my teeth super sensitive, the tips of my teeth were really tender. Biting or chewing anything was impossible. The pain went away in my teeth and jaw after about a week and since then, even after a wire change at week 4, there's not been much, if any pain. 

The cost, if you were interested in braces like mine, will differ from dentist to dentist and dependant on how severe your misalignment is. There are many contributing factors to the price, so I would recommend you do as much research as possible into the different types and also, the different prices that dentists may offer. You may even be able to get your teeth whitened included in the price! Shop around for different prices and see what fits your budget. For me, this was not only the cheapest option, but the most effective. At my one month wire change, my dentist said that it may only take 6-8 months as my teeth have moved a huge amount already, so may not need them on for the 12 months I was initially quoted.

I now carry a small bag full of essentials with me everywhere, just in case I get food stuck in my teeth, have a fear of discolouration, and general cleaning and flossing after meals, as well as several packs of orthodontic wax for when the wire or brackets start grating away at my cheeks. I will go into further detail about the upkeep and my essentials in another post, so keep an eye out!

Obviously, as mentioned, I am funding these myself, and am very grateful to my family for their kindly gifted donation in helping me pay for them. When you finally get something you've wanted for so long, there's such a sense of relief and excitement. I just cannot wait for my big day to come so that I can finally show the happiness I am feeling!

If you want to know anything more about my braces and how they work/ how they're maintained, feel free to drop me a comment! I will be doing another post soon about the up keep essentials that I use every day in order to care for my teeth and braces.

Lancome Juicy Shaker Walk the Lime Great-Fruit

I managed to get my hands on two of the new Juicy Shakers by Lancôme the other week and can't believe it's taken me this long to review something I was actually happily surprised at. These colourful pops of lip oil landed on my doorstep along with some similarly coloured jelly beans.

I've been trying out new products to wear on my lips recently, because along with eyeshadow, lipsticks and lip glosses are only really things I wear on nights out. I would really like to wear it more casually and learn to get better at applying them and experimenting more with the makeup that I wear. 
Lancome Juicy Shaker Walk the Lime Great-Fruit
L-R: Walk The Lime, Great-Fruit

The great thing about these Juicy Shakers is their sheerness. I don't have to worry about them being to bold or too bright for the day time as they slide on like a gloss but have the slick non-stickiness of an oil. But there in-lies the issue. They don't last very long on the lips and the difference between the colours, because they're so sheer, is minimal. At least we can have faith in the fact that each shade will last a long time!

Lancome Juicy Shaker Walk the Lime Great-Fruit

Lancome Juicy Shaker Walk the Lime Great-Fruit
L-R: Great-Fruit, Walk The Lime

The products themselves are styled in shape after a cocktail shaker and you've got to use it like one too! In each shaker is a mixture of nourishing lip-plumping oils including sweet almond oil, cranberry oil and omega 3, combined with a nice dollop of scented pigments. The more you shake, the stronger the colour gets, even apply over lipstick to add a coat of glossy shine.

The sponge inside the shaker is perfectly shaped to hug the contours of the lip and the three holes allowing the pigment to soak the tip allow the most perfect amount for application. Each shaker smells divine too... fruity, zingy hints of fragrance which brings us back to the fruity cocktail theme. 

Lancome Juicy Shaker Walk the Lime Great-Fruit
Lancôme Juicy Shaker in Walk the Lime

Lancome Juicy Shaker Walk the Lime Great-Fruit
Lancôme Juicy Shaker in Great-Fruit

154 Great-Fruit and 166 Walk the Lime shades are not too dissimilar in colour when they're on, but they do have slightly different tints of pinky-peach and coral which make them perfect everyday lip oils. The packaging is simple and stylish and with 12 other shades available in the UK, there's plenty to choose from including a limited edition pale blue shade.

These innovative glosses are available direct from Lancôme for £18  or if you want Boots points, you can get it from them too!

Have you tried any of their shades, which is your favourite?

easter essentials spring wish list

Getting ready for spring, we've given our houses a big spring clean and have identified some products that we absolutely cannot be without this Easter weekend. 

From skincare to footwear, our wish list covers all the bases to ensure we confront Spring fully equipped.

With my 23rd birthday coming up a couple weeks after Easter (April 20th if anyone was wondering..), I've got to admit that some of these items are also things I'd like in preparation for my birthday celebrations.. points to whoever guesses which ones!

We've been longing for some of these palettes for ages and I cannot wait to have my hands on a few of them.

1. Since it's recent launch, I've been coveting this Makeup Revolution Palette. Fortune Favours the Brave is a triumph of a collaboration with the wonderful British Beauty Blogger whom we met at an event last year. The colours in this palette are just divine! It's hard to believe the palette is just £9.99!

2.  I've been searching for a new handbag for ages and in the pile of 'unlikely' bags I will get lies this YSL beauty. If it were cheaper (much much cheaper) I would buy it, but bank balance unfortunately does not allow :(. Classic Small Sac Du Jour in Fog Grained Leather is just gorgeous but it comes with a hefty price tag of $2,890. Definitely for when I win the lottery.

3. I'm in dire need of a new statement necklace. Something to dress up a plain black dress or top and that's not too pricey (some amazing ones I've seen are £50+!). This piece from H&M ticks all my boxes; short, bold, silver, cheap. It has it all and is just £12.99. 

4.  Another palette Kirsty has been coveting. Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette in Bloom is just so pretty. She doesn't have any Tarte palettes yet but this is sure to be the first of many! 9 mattes and 3 lustres make this the most beaut palette for Easter. £33 and so worth it to have perfect subtle smoky eyes.

5. Kirsty is majorly eyeing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Gleam. Having used their highlighters before and knows how good they are, she feels she just needs this palette to complete her collection as no others are comparable. Convenient and beautiful at £39.00, you'll love having an amazing spring time glow.

6. My nails are going through an annoying phase of growing and then breaking, despite my best efforts to strengthen and take care of them. Nails from Elegant Touch are my saviours. Especially with the nail guards preventing damage to my nails. These Don't Be Sheepish* Easter themed nails are super cute and so appropriate for spring. Ewe can get your hands on these for just £6.95.

7. With my 23rd Birthday coming up, I've got my eye out on some new Carvela Kurt Geiger heels. I've been growing my Geiger collection for about 5 years now and am always looking for a new pair to join its sisters. How better to celebrate a birthday than to wear glittery heels! These KACI courts are silver, glittery and are even on sale at just £39.99. *Hint hint.....*

8. I love Aviator sunglasses above all other shapes and am always lusting after a designer pair. With the sun finally showing it's face, I'd usually go for Ray Bans, but I thought, as this is a wish list, not a shopping list, I thought I'd push the boundaries a bit and go for a Chanel pair. These pair of Pilot Signature sunnies will set you back $340. 

Other items to add to our wish list would be more YSL lipsticks, the Naked Palettes, Dior Dream skin and Marc Jacobs mascara. Hopefully over the next few months, we will in fact be fulfilling our wish list (unlikely for some items, but we can dream) so keep an eye out.

Do you have any must-haves this Spring? Let us know!

I've been on a mission to seriously cut back on my sugar consumption but as a chocolate addict this has been so very hard. I've stuck to dark chocolate, the higher the percentage of cocoa, the better. We were sent an assortment of Chocolate and Love* bars to try out and I think it is safe to say, I'm obsessed. Chocolate and Love is a family owned organic and ethically made chocolate company that produces seven sumptuous flavours; Mint, Orange, Sea Salt, Filthy Rich, Panama, Coffee and Dark Milk.

Adapting to dark chocolate when I was used to eating poor quality "chocolate" that was mainly comprised of nasties like palm oil has been quite an adjustment but I am more than comfortable treating myself to a few squares of 85%- 100% chocolate these days. Reducing my sugar intake has given me a new appreciation for luxury quality chocolate that actually has a real, true chocolate flavour.

Starting with the packaging, Chocolate and Love won me over. The quirky, eye catching designs are gorgeous and really add to the luxurious feel of the bars. I almost felt bad when it came to recycling the wrappers because they are just so artistic. Inside every wrapper is the story of Chocolate and Love , from the origins of the fairly traded cocoa, to top tips for getting the most enjoyment out of your bar. 

As I get older I am becoming much more conscious of the sources of the food I eat. It is really is important to me that ingredients are ethically sourced and if a product is organic, it is much more appealing. The outer packaging of Chocolate and Love bars is recyclable paper and the 'foil' is biodegradable which means minimum impact on the environment - it's so nice to be able to experience great chocolate totally guilt-free.

The taste is utterly divine, my favourite bar by far was the 55% salted caramel bar, which delicious pieces of crunchy caramel. If you are looking to try something new, and are a fan of dark chocolate, I can highly recommend a Chocolate and Love bar to satisfy your chocolate cravings. You can find out more on the  easy-to-navigate Chocolate & Love website.


I am obsessed with getting whiter teeth so I jumped at the chance to review Mintycoco* all natural coconut oil teeth whitening sachets. I love wearing lipstick and white teeth are really important for lipstick wearing confidence which has led me to try loads of different teeth whitening kits in the past. I usually use chemical bleaching whitening strips but they cause so much teeth sensitivity and have left me in agony so I was thrilled to find a safe and natural alternative. Plus they do not meet EU safety regulations and having to import them from the US is a pain. Mintycoco are available online and arrive quickly in the post in a cute box that easily fits through the letterbox.

Oil pulling is an ancient technique that is thought to have many health benefits.  Mintycoco is an all natural oil detox that is designed to improve the health of gums and teeth, it is fantastic for removing stains on teeth caused by coffee or wine. Coconut oil is mainly solid at room temperature so I prefer to warm the sachet in my hands for a few minutes before I put it in my mouth. I've used coconut oil for oil pulling before and the sensation takes a while to get used to, once it has all melted and you get into the swing of swishing  it about it can be quite pleasant. The soft peppermint flavour of Mintycoco makes it much easier and made it feel like a normal part of my dental hygiene routine. The sachets are easy to use, much less faff than trying to dig out coconut oil from a jar with a spoon and really convenient for carrying with you on the go or travel. I did not need to use the full sachet at a time as there would have been no room in my mouth to swish the oil around, which makes the 14 sachet set an absolute bargain at £23.99 plus free shipping!

The Mintycoco package does come with full instructions

The results are not as immediate as with chemical whitening treatments because they are not bleaching and damaging your teeth, but for the price and the ease of use I can totally recommend Mintycoco. It did take a couple of days for me to see the effects so it is worth persevering with the full course of the treatment, my teeth were very noticeably whiter after using all the sachets. I’ll try and take an ‘after’ shot as soon as there is more than 10 minutes of daylight in my flat.  I love using Mintycoco sachets safe in the knowledge that my dentist won't have a go at me for doing further damage to my already weak enamel as they are ideal for naturally whitening my smile. 

If you’d like to give them a try yourself, they are available here, don’t forget to tweet us to show your results!