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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hello and welcome to BeautyisPerfection. For all those who followed our BerryLuxe Blog, we've moved homes! This our new domain and will be posting under the name of BeautyisPerfection as we felt we needed a blog name more subject relevant. This blog is not super specific but we will mainly be blogging about beauty and fashion. We hope to give an insight into what we think is hot/not and give some useful advice. We will also do reviews regularly and talk about places we've been and give recommendations. We are both quite interested in photography so random photos will tend to appear.
We love feedback so feel free to contact us :)

For those who are not familiar with us, we are two sisters from London aged 21 & 19 who are quite obsessed with cosmetics.

We hope you all enjoy our new page :)

Kirsty and Jasmine xo

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