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Monday, October 15, 2012

Keep holding on girlies!

We're so sorry for not posting at all recently; what with starting uni and moving Kirsty to the UK with all her things into her new flat has taken up a lot of our time. We have however bought an insane amount if things; clothes, make-up etc. which we will begin blogging about as soon as we get the chance! Kirsty currently doesn't even have Internet yet so that's her excuse.. Mine.. Well I've been helping her unpack and have been busy looking after the Freshers all week and have been at work and shopping my little heart out. What with being paid and the remainder of my student loan (after paying my rent) I have gone a little crazy with spending recently.. Averaging at spending around £70 in every shop I went into... I have problems... Confessions of a shopaholic much?!

Anyway, I'll start blogging tomorrow or Wednesday as soon as I've been to Topshop to complete my spending spree!

Wish my bank balance luck!

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