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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lush Midnight Massage Bar

This is another of my naughty sales' purchases. I initially went into Lush to see if there was any Snow Fairy left in the sale so I could stock up cheaply. Unfortunately there wasn't but there were plenty of gems at 1/2 price. 
Usually, this massage bar is 6.50, so at 3.25 it was a guilt free purchase. This is the first Lush Massage Bar I have ever bought and I'm really impressed, It smells absolutely incredible. It is Jasmine scented with loads of good oils and butters to soften your skin. It literally makes the whole room smell good, i've kept it in the packaging and left it on a shelf and the whole room smells yummy. 

I tried it on my legs and it did a really good job of moisturising without leaving a gross, greasy residue.  I like the shape as well, I presume its based on Dali's famous melted clocks. Its definitely worth trying this if they sell it next Christmas.

did you try this massage bar over Christmas?
xoxo Kirsty



  1. The massage bars by LUSH are awesome! I wish stuff went on sale more often at LUSH here...

    1. Same! It's so much more affordable in sale. £3 is so much more reasonable xo


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