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Friday, November 28, 2014

& Other Stories

It was probably for my own good that I didn't discover the & Other Stories store in Paris until a few weeks before I left. The toiletries are insanely good and they had some really gorgeous handbags that it took all my willpower to resist. I limited myself to just two purchases because I knew i'd be able to buy loads online if I wanted to. I went for the Couture Carnival Hand Soap and the Shinjuku Bloom Body Scrub. I love sweet scents and these definitely fit into that category but the scents are a little more complex and grown up.

The packaging is beautiful and I really can't fault the products. 

I'm dying to try more soon, if you want to try anything you can find the range here. They also do very reasonably priced mini sizes for some products if you want to explore them before the taking the plunge with the full sized beauties. 
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