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Friday, September 28, 2012

NARS Red Lizard

This was another one of the items I picked up on my last trip to Sephora before my move from Switzerland. I've been wanting a bright, perfect red, matte lipstick for a while and I love the NARS packaging so I thought I'd go for this. I do regret not doing my research properly before buying this. I had looked in MAC for a nice red beforehand but the only shade I was interested in (Lady Danger) wasn't available in that store. 

It's very important to prep your lips before applying this lipstick. It is very matte so lip exfoliation is a must! I usually apply lip liner on the edge of my lips and then fill them in. This helps make the lipstick last longer on the lips and prevents it feathering and bleeding into the skin around your mouth. It does have the staying power you would expect from a NARS lipstick and only needs little touch ups after eating and drinking.

After light application this lipstick is actually quite pinky red, so I recommend building up the colour until its nice and even. It is not a true red and is slightly darker than your old fashioned British telephone box.


I'm not very brave with bold lips and I think whitening my teeth with boost my confidence enormously. I love a strong red lip on somebody else. I think if you're curious about trying a bold red its probably better to start with something a little cheaper to make sure you like it and will get good use out of it. At nearly £18 it is expensive, but it's  a lovely colour and will look great in my collection.

Will you be rocking red lips this autumn? What do you think of NARS Products?

Xo Kirsty

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