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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bag Obsession

I felt I had a strong need for a new handbag as I've been carrying the same Purple Longchamp one around for far too long so about £70 needed to be spent to rectify this problem and I think you'll agree that the bags justify the cost.

The first bag I bought is from Warehouse and I bought it for £36 and is called the Formed Clean Shopper. Much like Zara's Plaited Shopper, this bag has a detachable inside pouch and shoulder strap. I think of it as a mini version of the bag.
However this is not rigid like Zara's bag is; it is more of a soft mock leather.
As it's only a bag to be held on the arm, the bottom corners have slightly bruised my leg as I walk, but I'm sure I can soften them out after a while.

The internal pouch has proved useful as anything I need to find quickly I put outside the pouch and everything else goes inside, meaning my keys and phone are found quickly without having to search for ages!


The second bag I bought was from Zara and is called the Shopper Basket at £39.99.

This is a BEAUTIFUL bag and sadly I have already seen about 10 people with the same bag since buying it... proving its popularity and gorgeousness... however it is very annoying..
Like going to a party and someone is wearing the same dress.. its like "how dare you.." haha. I've learnt to slyly hide things from people wearing the same item.. that is my only issue with buying things from high street shops.. Everyone owns everything!
Going to need to save up my pennies and start shopping in more up-market places!

This Brown bag is quite large.. larger than any other bag I own but it will come in useful when I have to carry my lecture notes and books around with me now that University Year 2 has actually started! (Thank god freshers is over!) It is mock leather on the outside (hence the price) and sort of a canvas material on the inside. It has a pocket as well (always useful) and you can even zip the base of the pocket to the other side of the bag to act as a lid/zip contraption.

I'm very pleased with my purchases.. just need to see if they stand the test of time and durability.. I'll report back if there are any issues!

Do you have either of these bags? Do you think they were worth the money?

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