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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nail Varnish Galore!

I've bought 4 Nail Polishes recently.. and I LOVE them! I've changed my nail colour almost every day just so I can get round to wearing them all!

 And here they are! Two dark colours and two light...
Going from right to left, Kirsty actually bought me these Models Own polishes whilst she was browsing the website. However I chose the colours. At first I was immediately taken with the new disco ball colours so we got one of those which is in Kirsty's possession. I don't really own many blue nail polishes so thought there was a real need for these to be added to the collection!
This is NP032 Blue Med. It took a couple of coats to be completely opaque and didn't end up being as dark as I thought it would. But I still like the colour! It's shiny and reflective and not too bland and boring like matte colours are.
This blue is a bit more shimmery, glittery and pinky. It's NP133 Indian Ocean. I haven't tried this one on yet but I am really looking forward to it! As far as I am aware from both word of mouth and previous experience Models Own isn't prone to chipping which I always look for in nail polishes. I can never be bothered to apply a top coat so thick long-wearing varnish is a must-have for me and my laziness!

 I have been looking for a Blood-Red for so long now.. I always end up getting a browney or a vivid red which is annoying. But I have FINALLY found a shade of red I like! I am a fan of dark nail varnish as it draws attention away from my far from dainty hands. So having nails that stand out and nails that are long is very important to me. With a couple of coats Skirting The Issue by Essie is by far one of my favourite nail polishes now.

This came out a lot more purple than I thought it would. But I still really like it. It only really took a coat and a half to get this dark and it sort of changes colour between pink, purple and deep red depending on the light which is super cool. 80 Purple Rain by Rimmel in the Metal Rush collection is on my nails at this very moment and the light is reflecting off them and it is very distracting but also useful to writing this review. My only issue is that I have had this painted on for less than a day and they have chipped. But that might just be me being heavy handed or perhaps they weren't 100% dry when I started using my hands again.

All in all... I can't really complain about my new nail varnish purchases.. I chose the colours.. I love them. I love sparkle and shimmer as well as deep reds.

Do you own any of these colours? Do Rimmel ever chip for you? Have you bought any Models Own polished recently?



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