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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nail Obsession: Falsies

Ever since I got my first ever professional manicure on my 18th birthday and had Acrylics put on... I HATE the look of my nails without them! I've tried so hard to make my own nails strong and long but I had a bad habit of biting my nails when I was younger.. and this seemed the best solution. As you know with proper Acrylics you have to get them in-filled every 6 weeks... and at £18 a go.. I just couldn't afford to keep it up.
That's where Broadway Nails came in.. They look like the cheap nasty fake nails you can buy in your local pharmacy/cosmetics store, but after trying out a few different brands... this is the one I always come back to. I prefer the Real Life range.. where it's just a blank nail for you to paint over.. not the cheap tacky 'french manicure' ones which just look awful.

The set I buy is around £5 (a big leap from £18-£30 for Acrylics) and they last AGES! They come with enough nails to find sizes fit for you for two applications and you can get them in Long, Short, Real Short, Medium etc. There's a large range of them. They are the easiest things to do and I trust in the brand completely. The glue affixes them well and can last a good 2 weeks if taken care of.

With these it just means you can change your nail colour often and it doesn't matter if you chip them as you only paid a fiver for a months worth of nails! They've stopped me from biting my nails completely.. who wants to chew plastic?! And they look really natural. People always ask me if my nails are real and whether I do them and paint them myself... well YES... Yes I do!

I've tried a variety of different lengths.. from Real Short to Medium they've all been acceptable lengths... the Long however... I don't want to have claws!

They come with small tabs attached to the tips so application is clean, quick and easy. Just add some glue to the false nail and a bit to your natural nail and press on! Easy Peasy!

Perfectly manicured and shaped nails every time! Occasionally if you catch it on something hard.. like trying to pull something open with your nails.. they can pop off.. but I always have nail glue handy to just glue it back on again.

2 weeks of wear easily (when it says a couple of days on the box).. and nail varnish rarely chips! Best Invention Ever. And SO CHEAP!

Do you wear false nails? How long do yours last?



  1. I use the french version of these and love them. I've never seen these before! Nice:)

    1. I like to paint my nails all sorts of colours every other day and even do my own french manicure from time to time. I think the nails that can be bought from a pharmacy that are pre-frenchied tend to look a bit too fake, especially as you can often see the glue and air pockets underneath. I think the whole point of applying these "real life" ones for me are so they look real. You can hide the fact that they are fake by painting over them. My natural nails are weak and I bite them, so these are a great way for my nails to look natural as well as stop be from my bad habits! I always get complimented at how manicured and perfect my nails always look... unknown to them that they are actually fake!

      Give these a try. They don't come off when you take off your nail varnish so you can repaint them as often as you like! Perfect nails every day!

      Xx Jasmine


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