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Friday, October 26, 2012

NailedIt UK Nails: Love At First Spike Review

UPDATE: I've now had these on a week and they still look perfect! I cut the thumb nail a bit because I can't type or text when it's long. Other than that-good as new!!

Nail art had exploded in the UK in the last year with nail wraps and magnetic varnishes hitting our shelves. NailedIt UK is a pretty new brand, with the site only having been running for 7 weeks, and already has received fantastic feedback and has been featured on a number of beauty sites.

Lucy (The brains behind the operation) hand paints all the nails. She uses a strengthening base coat, followed by 2 coats of varnish and topped off by my HG top coat- Seche Vite.

I chose Love at First Spike a it includes this seasons hottest colour-Oxblood-with a punchy, edgy pattern. I am not usually somebody for false nails, they are fiddly and require too much upkeep. It is taken me a while to get used to having these on as my natural nails are much shorter and typing & texting is proving a challenge. I have not had false nails in over a year so it is probably just because I am out of practice! I do love how they look, they are much more feminine than my usual short nails. 

Applying them was a doodle (Mainly because I had Jasmine do it, she's a false nail expert) You can buy the glue on the website or pick some up in a nail supply store or Boots.
I think nails are a great way to accessorise if you don't want to make a bold statement with hair or lips. Plus at 12.00 they are much cheaper than a new handbag. There are so many different designs on the site and now you can even design your own. If you would like to get your hand on these: www.nailedituk.com 

The nails arrive in a cute little bag that you can reuse and a lovely handwritten note. If these are durable  I will definitely invest in another set as I think they are fantastic. Depending on your nail shape you may need to file these down a bit, they are also available in different sizes and you'll receive two different thumb sizes in the bag. They are great value for money if you consider the price in a salon and mainland UK p+p was free. Like NailedIt on Facebook to hear about discount codes and special offers.
Do you like them? Have you tried them yourself?
xoxo Kirsty



  1. I think they're really cute as well, there are so many amazing designs available on the site, it was really difficult to choose!

  2. These look great! I love the design :) Thanks for sending me your link in the #bbloggers chat yesterday xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. They are brilliant! I still have them on and they've not chipped yet :) thank you for taking a look!


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