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Friday, November 16, 2012

Book Review: Jodi Picoult, Lone Wolf

I am an avid reader, and I think that I have probably read every book that Picoult has written. I really like her style of writing and I like the fact that in every novel she addresses an important "issue". In this book, it is the decision whether or not to turn off a mans life support machine.

It is quite a dramatic plot and I was really keen to find out the ending. Its a great read, but it was also quite depressing. It really made me think about how I would behave if I was in a similar situation.
There have been loads of books in recent years about Wolves and Vampires so I thought this book was perhaps an attempt at cashing in on the popularity of stories like these. However, I cant say that it is necessarily geared towards that "type" of reader. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and would recommend it to anyone looking for more than the standard chick-lit story lines. Another thing I really enjoy about Jodi Picoults books, are that I always feel that I have learned something new when I finish reading them. Books make great christmas presents, if you're stuck for gift ideas.
Have you read this book? What did you think of it?
xoxo Kirsty

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