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Friday, November 16, 2012

Review: November Glossybox 2012

I love getting stuff in the post, and my glossybox is probably the thing I get most excited about. Mine was a bit late, I was expecting it on Wednesday but I only got it today. I had a peep online to see what was in the box, I'm really impatient! Out of what was available this month, I definitely feel like I got the best of what was available. 


 As usual, it came with the cute "menu" of whats in my box. This months theme, appropriately, is stocking fillers. I think some of the discount codes Glossybox gives may come in handy for my christmas shopping. 

I am so happy this was in this months box. I have wanted to try this exfoliator for ages, but I didn't want to fork out nearly 40.00 if I wasn't sure I would like it. This good-sized sample is worth about 7.00. Its got enough inside the salt and pepper shaker packaging for a good few uses. 

I have heard a few complaints about this months menu and the wording for the nail inc. polishes. I can see how it could be misleading and how its possible to think all 3 polishes would be included. I didn't really think Glossybox would include all 3 anyway, but it definitely would have been nice! this mini is still worth about 4.00. I am always happy to try out new top coats, I am still looking for a long wearing and shiny one. its handbag sized too so its great for on-the-go touch ups. 

I am very pleased that this was not just one of those pointless perfume sample tubes. Its a nice perfume, not necessarily something I would have chosen for myself but its very "wearable" and it isn't overpowering. Im intrigued by the fact that it contains green absinthe! It is a pretty mini bottle but it could have been improved by a spray attachment! This has a value of 4.00 ish.

I think some people got this in last months box, and I was disappointed that I didn't. I am super happy to try this beauty balm. BB creams originated in Korea, and are supposed to be the best, so I am looking forward to trying this Dr Jart+ product. It is a good sized sample which should last quite a while. Its worth about 5.40. 

I think this may turn out to be my favourite product from this months box. Mango is my second favourite fruit so I am a big fan of the scent of this body butter. It absorbs really quickly without leaving a greasy residue and it comes in a cool pump bottle. much nicer than having to scrape a pot. This is worth 3.75.

Overall, I am pleased with this months box, and it is much better than the October box, so I think I will continue with my subscription. I am looking forward to trying all of the products properly. The total value works out at nearly 25.00 so I have gotten my moneys worth!

Have you received your box yet? What did you think of the contents?
xo Kirsty



  1. This looks like a good box :) I really want to try that product from Dermologica!

    1. Me too! I've heard so many good things about it :)


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