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Friday, November 23, 2012

Latest in Beauty Sample Box

I bought this a few weeks ago after i'd seen somebody rave about it on twitter. If you want your own go to latestinbeauty.com 
For 1.50 you can choose 3 different samples to be sent to you in the post. This is completely different from other sample boxes because you can actually choose (from 3 different lists-one from each). Rather than setting up a subscription, you pay for each box by text. 
It arrived a few days after I'd ordered it. The box is cute but it isn't elaborate like normal sample boxes. It serves it purpose and keep costs minimal so it doesn't really matter! 

I chose the above three products from the site. Two of these are not deluxe samples, but normal sachets and the third is a full sized product. I also got a few random leaflets in the box, mainly adverts for completely irrelevant things. 

This the Sanctuary Spa Active Reverse Facial, 30 Day Thermal Transformation. It works in 2 parts; first you apply the serum and then the clay mask. It is essentially an anti-ageing product but it did improve how my skin looked. The mask spelled like earl grey tea which was cool. These sachets are actually available in my local Boots for absolutely zero pence. I think its a bit dishonest to have included these as an option when you can walk into Boots and leave with a handful of them. The full sized set is nearly 30.00 and although I liked the products, I didn't like them that much. 

I've actually not yet tried these Royal Ballet performance & elegance body conditioner creams yet. I think it was great that 2 were included. It contains Dermochorella which is supposed to firm and tone skin. 

This is by far my favourite thing from the box. I think they have since been discontinued by Japonesque but Boots stock the Beauty Fixation nail varnish remover swabs for 4.99 for a packet the same size. These are individual swabs filled with tinted lip conditioner. The lip conditioner isn't the best ever but it does the trick and I really like the concept. These made the box worthwhile for me. 

Have you ever bought a latest in beauty box? 
xo Kirsty



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