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Thursday, November 29, 2012

REVIEW: November 2012 Joliebox

I was eagerly awaiting my return to York so I could open this month's JolieBox. I finally got home and it was sitting there on my bed waiting for me! I love my housemates.
I opened it as quickly but as carefully as I could as I was so excited. But weirdly, I read the JolieMag before  I even opened the box, it was a good little read, with information on a few products and an interview with Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter.

The anticipation was killing me!

Upon opening the box I was happy to read that this month's box contained moisturing products to hydrate and nourish the skin. In these harsh, cold, winter months moisture and hydration is a necessity and cold weather will not only dry out your skin but will also cause chapping and blotchiness (if that's a word). My lips especially are certainly feeling the cold and get very dry. My cheeks go pink and nose goes red. It's not a good look!

Upon opening the drawstring bag I was delighted to see yet another box with more items than I expected. Unlike the glossy box, JolieBox has quite a few samples thrown in as extras, which is always good! I was also pleased to see some brands I already knew and once again, I liked to be introduced to new brands.

In the box were brands such as Vav, Galenco, Dead Sea Spa Magik, Topicrem, L'Occitane and Jane Iredale.
This box really caters for everything; face, lips, hands and body. So hopefully these will help me through the cold winter months!

I am currently running out of my MAC foundation so I'm trying to use up all the sachets and freebies of foundation I have.. which I have also run out of, so this was a godsend. I have become a fan of BB creams recently as they really make your skin glow and blend well with your skin, hiding pores and giving a smooth, even complexion. This is the Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream. This one I found to be a little too pale but it's obviously difficult to send people samples when you don't know their skin tone. However it applied nicely and made my skin look and feel great.. regardless of the fact it made me look pale! It smelt really nice and had a good consistency. You can only get the full version in basically all countries except the UK which is annoying! I've seen so many good reviews about it. It comes in 6 Shades too so there's one to suit most skin tones.

I am yet to try this product out but the texture of it felt nice, and by the consistency of it, I can tell that a little goes a long way! I will defiantly use it tonight and report back! You can pick one up from Holland and Barrett for £9.25 or go online here. They have a wide range of pure and natural products aimed at keeping the skin healthy, soft and illuminated as well as hydrated. With its natural ingredients it helps fight off bacteria and cleans out any impurities in the skin. It can both be used to clean off make up as well as prevent the appearance of blackheads and spots.

I had heard of the SOS brand before and heard great things. The spanish brand has made this wonderfully smelling lip salve. I have looked online and I can't find it anywhere being sold! I've found many reviews in a number of languages but cannot find a UK retailer unfortunately! It's amazing stuff! My lips immediately felt hydrated and soft upon application. I use it as soon as my lips feel dry and it gives instant nourishment! It smells and tastes great too.

Topicrem is another brand I had heard of before. This Sparkling Body 3D Effect Moisturiser smells really nice and makes your skin radiant and sparkly. With little gold pigments in it, the cream creates an uplifting and illuminating effect to the skin. Such a cream can be used on the arms, face and legs to give instant glow.
A 200ml bottle can be bought for 2.60 from here or a similar Topicrem product for £9.41 from here in a 200ml tube. 

I've always like L'Occitane products as they smell really nice and have a soft, smooth consistency that doesn't leave the skin feeling oily. This Hydration Cream really does what it says on the pot! My hands tend to get quite dry when exposed to harsh cold weather, as do my arms, so I used this to moisturise and within 10 minutes my skin looked a lot softer and a lot more radiant than my dulling dry skin. You can grab the full size pot from here for $48USD or here for £27.84. The mini itself is sold at £11! Great addition to JolieBox I think! Definitely makes the box worth the money!

Despite smelling kinda weird this stuff works! My hands, cuticles and nails are in terrible condition from the over use of acrylic nails. They're all short and stubby. I hate it! So finding this Manicure lotion which is a Moisturising and Regenerating Cream was a sight for sore eyes! It has elements of rose and grass in it, which probably explains the odd smell to be honest! It's not a nasty smell, it's just not what I expected! I was hoping for something more flowery or more girlie. After 2 days of application, my cuticles are looking healthier and my nails are slowly healing. With the help of some other nail regrowth and strengtheners, hopefully they'll be fighting fit in no time! I wish I could stop biting them now though! That was the only reason I wore falsies.. so I couldn't bite my nails!

There is a  7 step At-Home Spa Manicure tutorial in the JolieMag which told me how to use this product. You have to apply it almost as a hand mask and then wash it off using a flannel and hot water. There are other products that Vav do which would work well with hand and nail care which are explained in the tutorial. I will post about the other nail products I am using once I see a more drastic change in the appearance of the stubby little things! You can get the full sized bottle of this Vav Manucure Absolue from here for 23.50EUROS or the full set here for 112EUROS.

Now to sit and wait for the December box to arrive!

Did you get the November Joliebox? Do you like their range of european products?


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  1. This looks like a really thoughtful box:) thank you for sharing it! I've been considering subscribing to a beauty box for a while but I'm still not sure if it's worth it. Is it?! Haha thank you for following me:) following you now too :) x

    P.S. I did a post last month on how I stopped biting my own nails,(previously a lifelong chronic habit) maybe it would be helpful for you too? Have a look :)


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