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Friday, November 30, 2012

Jergens Original Beauty Lotion Cherry Almond

I bought this last month from Superdrug when it was half price. The last time I used a Jergens product was the firming body lotion which I really liked using, so for such a cheap price I thought I may as well try another. Jergens is very popular in the states and in the last few years has become more popular in the UK too. They have just rebranded and changes the packaging, although I don't see a significant change, the bottle is essentially still the same.

As you may know, scent is really important to me, I can't bring myself to use something that smells disgusting because I know i'll catch whiffs of it for hours afterwards. In the bottle this smells very good but when I came to apply it I was disappointed. It smelled very chemical, but as soon as it had sunk it (impressively quickly) the harshness of the scent disappeared. It does a great job of moisturising and is an inexpensive product. In left my skin really soft and all in all I probably will continue to purchase Jergens beauty lotions, just not the cherry almond one!

have you tried this product?
xo Kirsty


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