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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Aapri Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Pillows

I bought these in Poundland of all places, which isn't somewhere I would usually go to stock up on beauty supplies, but they were only 1.00 so I thought why not?
As a teenager, I used to use some incredible Neutrogena pads similar to these but you could actually put part of your hand inside like a tiny circular mitten to exfoliate with. I stopped using them because I think they were around 6.00 a box which was a lot for me then, plus Vanessa Hudgens was in the advert and that bothered me. 
I tried to get hold of some recently but they don't make them anymore, instead they are available as refill pads for the Neutrogena wave. I'm not buying it just so I can use those pads again. 

I've used probably about half of the box now but they are not my go to product in the bathroom at the moment. They are pretty good for getting face make up off but don't leave my skin feeling as clean as it does with my normal cleanser. The exfoliating side of the pillow is pretty naff so I still exfoliate separately if i'm using one of these. 
I wouldn't describe my skin as "radiant" after using these but they were okay. I think these would suit somebody on a budget quite well. For me, skincare is actually more important than make up. In 50 years If i've not looked after my skin as well as I could have it will show but the price of my make up will be irrelevant. That's not too say spending more means a better product, but for me I know what works and that just happens to be Clinique. 

Have you tried these cleansing pillows? 
xo Kirsty


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