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Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 2012 Glossybox Review

I have been waiting for this box since about 5 minutes after i'd finished opening the November box. This months Glossybox was different from the usual pink and black, its the "Bejewelled Christmas" box. The outer packaging was black and white and the box itself was silver and shiny. I'm not entirely sure why its bejewelled but I guess it sounds nice. 

The usual menu of the contents was absent with a large sheet explaining the contents in detail with a load of discount codes. There was tonnes more info on the products inside which was great. 

One of this months products was actually outside of the tissue paper in this mysterious black envelope. It is Argentum la potion infinie which seems to be a very luxurious brand. Its essentially a fancy anti-ageing cream. Normally I would have been irritated to receive an anti-wrinkle cream but I have started to notice some lines around my mouth. sob. I am looking forward to giving this product a bash. A 70ml jar of this will set you back a whopping 147.00. Thats more than creme de la mer. Insane. These 2 sachets have a value of 21.00. I felt like i'd gotten my money's worth and i'd not yet opened the box properly!

Purdy silver ribbon instead of pink and starry paper. suitably festive. 

This months selection: Lemon by Mary Greenwell perfume, Seche Nail Lacquer, Sleek True Colour Lipstick, Argentum la potion infinie and Rituals Magic touch. The bonus this month was a Glossybox Blusher. 

I'm not going to lie, I hate this perfume. The scent is reminiscent of washing up liquid. I  am very much a one-perfume kind o' gal so maybe i'm unfairly biased as it smells nothing like Chanel coco Mademoiselle. This will probably suit somebody who likes sour-citrusy scents. I'm sad because I'd heard great things about the Mary Greenwell  PLUM perfume sample that was in a previous Glossybox. It does last a long time on the skin (unfortunately). Sorry to be so negative but I really dislike it. On the upside the original packaging of the perfume looks funky. I generally don't want to be sent 1.5ml perfume samples in a Glossybox anyway though :/ based on the price of a 100ml bottle (90.00!!) this sample is worth about 1.35.

On a more positive note I was thrilled to see a Sleek product in the box. I am especially pleased with the colour as I had wanted to purchase this a few months back. I love matte lipsticks and this really does have a lovely formula. It seems quite creamy to me and didn't dry out my lips (I've had it on all day). I received this in Stiletto. This is the full size product and is available online and in Superdrug stores for 4.99. 

This months bonus product is cool and I don't own any blushes in this shade so that's a treat. Glossybox has collaborated with Kryolan to create this which is snazzy but the packaging is really flimsy and the lid fell off as I opened it. The colour is called Glossy Rosewood. My skin is super pale so I can actually pull off this light shade thankfully. I am always happy to try new make up so I think this was a great addition. 

This is the first Rituals product I have tried ever so I was excited when I saw this. I walk past a rituals store on my way to uni and work and it always smells incredible so I had high hopes. I am very happy with this Magic Touch Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk ultra rich, whipped body cream. It sinks in quickly, left my legs heavenly soft and smells incredible. I will definitely explore more rituals products in the future if they are anywhere near as good as this. This is a 70ml bottle with a value of 5.00. 

I had absolutely no idea that the genius behind Seche Vite also made coloured Nail Lacquer. I did actually do a bit of a happy wiggle-dance when I saw this. I love nail polish, I love dusky pink and I love Seche Vite so this was a fantastic thing to have gotten in my box. This beaut colour is called Mémoire and is currently on my finger and toes. It doesn't dry particularly quickly funnily enough but I suppose a coat of their top coat is recommended. It is very pigmented for a nail polish so ONE coat was enough, I tried 2 and it made the colour look funny and looked generally odd. This is the full size product which costs 9.95.

Overall I am thrilled with this months box. I've just chucked the perfume in the bin so I can pretend that never happened. The bonus item more than makes up for it anyway. This box had a total value (not including the blusher because it doesn't have a price) of 42.29. What did you get in your glossy boxes?



  1. This box looks good, but it probably wouldn't overly excite me to be honest!

    1. What would be in your dream box? You've given me food for thought on that one! Xo


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