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Friday, December 14, 2012

How To Remove Glitter Polish

I adore having sparkly nails but they are an absolute pain in the bum to remove to I often avoid glitter polishes all together. I have finally mastered the technique for getting them off easily without scrubbing at your nails for hours, so I thought i'd share it with you :)
As you can see it was about time I removed it, it had chipped horribly.


This is what I use; Acetone, foil and cotton pads. These cotton pads are quite abrasive but any will do ( cotton balls work a treat). Acetone is available in most pharmacies, I bought mine from Boots Pharmacy for less than 2 pounds, it was kept behind the counter though as its not a very friendly substance. Normally I don't even use nail polish remover containing acetone as it is very harsh and strips my nails of any moisture. Needs must though and its the best thing for the job.

Cut or tear foil into strips that will wrap around your nail to hold the cotton in place. I used my nail file for this because otherwise I would have squiffy looking strips of foil. I soaked the cotton pad with acetone and then secured it over my nail with the foil.

I left mine for about 15 minutes because I had 4 layers of glitter polish on, but it will vary. 

It does look pretty funny with 10 foil fingers, tricky to take photos of it though. 


All I needed to do was wash my hands to get rinse off the glitter than was left and moisturise to make up for the acetone abuse! I normally use the break in between painting my nails to do the washing up as its the only time I don't mind doing it.
I hope this has been helpful!
how do you remove your glitter polish?
xoxo Kirsty



  1. this was really helpful I'm definitely going to try it. I have a habit of layering about three different types of glitter on my nails which looks lovely and sparkly at the time but when the dreaded time comes to get it off I'm there for ages scrubbing away x

    1. I hope it works for you too! I was so sick of scrubbing at my nails for ages before I tried this!


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