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Saturday, December 15, 2012

How To: De-pot MAC eyeshadows

I very cleverly forgot to take photos as I went along so this is just a re-enactment. I finally bought my first MAC eyeshadow palette last weekend. I went for the 4 shadow palette because it looks prettier and it's actually possible to see the contents without opening the palette. It was 6.99 for the empty palette and eyeshadows are about 10-13 I believe. 
To do this you will need something sharp and a candle. As well as your palette and shadows obviously. 

First things first, you need to pop this part of the case out. I just used scissors, wedged them in the slit and wiggled until it fell out. Be careful though because I nearly had my hand cut off. 

As you may be able to see in the photo above, there is a teeny hole in the middle. I made this by holding the plastic pan over a candle flame for about 30 seconds. I used long tweezers as to not burn my hand, again, take care because the plastic itself gets very hot too. You will know it is ready when you can see a tiny hole forming/the plastic beginning to pucker. 
I used the tweezers to push the metal eyeshadow pan out of the plastic and wapped it into my shiny new palette. 

A downside of depotting shadows is that they have no magnet on the back, so I recommend some magnetic tape to stop them falling out. 

I know have these lovelies all in one place. Clockwise: Handwritten, Swiss Chocolate & Nylon. I also held the outer eyeshadow pot over the flame for 10 seconds to melt the sticker glue, this allowed me to peel it off without ripping it so I could stick it to the underside of the shadow. I hope this was useful :)
Whats your method for de-potting MAC shadows?


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