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Friday, December 07, 2012

DIY 'Caviar' Nails Tutorial 1

Today Caviar nails are obviously black (apologies for the dodgy pic) tomorrows will be a little different, so don't forget to check that out. 
This is a really easy at home manicure that will not break the bank. It can be a little messy but it's definitely fun. 

I refuse to pay the price of the Ciaté caviar nail set. I bought these particular microbeads (for the fish egg effect) from Claire's Accessories for about 5.00. There are a multitude of different colours available on eBay for a lot cheaper than that. 

I started by removing the existing polish on my nails. The polish I used is supposedly 5 in 1 so I didn't bother with a base coat. The Sally Hansen polish actually needed 3 coats of polish before it was opaque  which was annoying, but I really wanted the colour to match the teeny beads and it's the only black I currently have.

Whilst the final coat of polish was still wet I poured the beads over the nail. I placed my hand over a box lid to catch them. Waste not want not! Plus I needed to be generous to make sure the beads covered the surface of my nail. Once the beads are on very, very gently press down. 

Top coat is optional. I found it ruined the effect but without out the manicure won't last for long before you either pick the microbeads off or they fall off of their own accord. They came with a little funnel so that I could easily get all the escapees back into the cute heart shaped bottle. 
what do you think of caviar manicures?
xo Kirsty


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