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Thursday, December 06, 2012

NOTD: Models Own Red Alert. THE perfect red nail

Everybody loves a classic red nail. They go with almost everything and can add a subtle kick of colour to an otherwise plain outfit. I 'wear' red nails quite often because, quite simply, I love them. Rather than just the usual NOTD I thought i'd run through the products I usually use for the perfect red manicure. 

I used the Nails inc. Caviar top coat that came free in last months Glossybox (I really like it, and my Seche Vite has died). Kiss Diamond Hard base coat and Models Own in Red Alert. 

Obviously before I painted my nails I made sure I'd removed the existing polish and prepped my nails for a new colour. Not everybody likes the cuticle tool pictured above, it is quite easy to injure yourself I suppose but I have a pretty steady hand for things like that and I sterilise it regularly. Personally I just think that cuticles look gross. I have short nails at the moment and I'm keeping them that way until they toughen up and stop breaking all the time ( hence the base coat). I prefer a square edge to a round one, but it makes no difference to the technique or anything else for that matter! Remember to only file in one direction rather than back and forth to prevent nail damage. 

I paint a coat of base coat on and as soon as it's dry I paint the first layer of red polish. Two thin coats look better than one thick layer and is less likely to chip. After the second coat of polish was touch dry I painted on my top coat. I then sat for 20 minutes not touching anything until I was confident they were properly dry! The top coat is supposed to dry pretty quickly but I always manage to mess up a freshly painted manicure. 
what colour do you like to paint your nails?
xo Kirsty


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