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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Revlon Lip Butters: Worth the hype?

You may have seen that I bought this quite a while ago as I included it in a haul post. I had heard bloggers both sides of the atlantic going on and on about these so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Normally I am a clear lip balm or a matt lipstick kinda girl so this wouldn't be a product I would go for usually. 

I bought a nice caramel-ly shade called 001 Pink Truffle. I have always been really disappointed by Revlon lip products in the past but this butter was certainly intriguing. I love the packaging which wins the product points immediately. It is really easy to apply and because it is so sheer I didn't need a mirror for application.

The colour is really subtle which I liked, it made it a more grown-up alternative to my usual lip balm. The butter is really nourishing and thankfully didn't just sit on the surface of my lips. I wouldn't say its a miracle worker and i've definitely used better but it's rare to find a lipstick/lip balm combination this good. 
I'm not really sure about the other colours available as I'm not keen on pink tones at the moment but I can't make a decision until I have tried them!
I fortunately bought this during the Boots 3 for 2 promotion so it was free :) usually it is 7.99 I believe.
I think the price is a little steep but I am satisfied with the product. Whether I think this is worth the hype is another matter all together. Yes it is a nice product, yes it does live up to its claims but ultimately its nothing special and I can't really see why people have gone loopy over this. 
Have you tried one? what did you think?
xo Kirsty



  1. I agree with your review! I have the Berry Smoothie one, and I thought it was decent but nothing extraordinary!

    xx Ellie

    1. Ooh the berry smoothie one looks nice! They're nice but just not £7.99 of nice haha!

  2. I love the lip butters :) I find them really moisturizing, and they add a great pop of colour. My favourite is Creme Brulee :)
    Saying all of that, I would only buy them when they're on sale!

    1. I think I will buy another one if they are ever on sale! I'd love to try some different colours! My lips get really dry in winter so it's nice to have a pretty alternative to lip balm :)


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