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Friday, February 22, 2013

Tesco Everyday Value Facial Wipes

I bought these completely by accident. I was doing my usual online food shop and added these, thinking they were tissues. In my defence, they were listed as facial tissues! They were less than 50p so I wasn't too upset.
I don't use wipes to remove my make up, I have a really strict make up removal routine which I try my best to stick to. In my opinion wipes should only be used on holiday or when you are too drunk to do it properly. They don't tend to remove everything and don't leave your skin as clean as cleansing does. You wouldn't only ever use wipes to clean your hands so the same should go for your face.

These smell quite masculine but not unpleasant, they are enriched with aloe and camomile to soothe your skin too. I actually reacted quite badly when I tried these, I have moderately sensitive skin but I wasn't expecting that to happen. They are far too abrasive to use on a delicate eye area and were crap at getting non-waterproof mascara and eyeliner off. I'm just using them to remove swatched products from my arm as a quick fix, but they don't really do that effectively. 

If you are adamant that you want to use wipes to remove your make up I recommend spending a bit more money on them and getting some that are soft and will do your skin some good.

xoxo Kirsty



  1. Replies
    1. I have used some lovely face wipes in the past, I really liked the simple ones but I end up regretting it because my skin suffers if I mess up my routine :( xo


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