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Thursday, May 16, 2013

First ever MISS GLOSSYBOX: Review

Hi girlies!

When i heard Glossybox was launching another box I was really quite over excited, they said it was aimed at their younger subscribers. Now I'm 21 and 10 months and consider myself to be young still and bearing in mind normal glossyboxes often contain anti ageing/ wrinkle products I thought 'younger' subscribers meant me. I was most definitely wrong. If I were considerably younger I would have been absolutely thrilled with the miss glossybox as everything included is something I wanted or already used in my early teens. That's not to say I completely wasted my money (less than £10 including p&p). I will probably use everything in the box, or rather, bag but it is clear that Glossybox is luxury in comparison. Rather than a box every month, miss glossybox is every 2 months and more information can be found on their website www.glossybox.co.uk. If you are a young teen or like beauty on a budget I would definitely recommend this. Even the 'menu' is clearly aimed at younger women as I felt the language used was a little patronising.

The whole lot came in a bright green drawstring bag rather than the classic box which makes a change. There was a little lollipop included which i suspect is leftover from the valentines box but sweets are sweets! There was also a little pouch containing nail clippers and an emery board.

The first product that caught my eye was the AMIE SPRING CLEAN COOLING CLAY MASK. I'm a huge fan of face masks and I'm always looking for new ones to try. The ingredients are mostly natural and all aim to clear the skin of impurities. One positive about this box is that everything inside is very affordable, even for those with only their allowance to spend. This sachet has a value of 66p.

EYE ROCK BLACK LACE EYE TATTOOS have always looked interesting but i honestly can't think of a situation where it would be appropriate for me to wear them. They are not very cheap either but appear to be an extra bonus in this miss glossybox. 

2TRUE GLITTERATI POLISH in SHADE 6 is a cute, very sparkley, nail polish with rose-gold glitter. This is the full size bottle and costs £1.99.

My favourite product is probably the BEAUTY UK EYE PENCIL in BLACK. Black pencil eyeliner was the first item of make up I ever used and this one seems to be pretty good quality so ill probably get a lot of use out of it. This pencil can be bought for £1.99.

I like dry shampoo and this SO...? DRY SHAMPOO IN FLORAL AND FLIRTY looks promising. It smells nice and doesn't leave my hair gross and white. This mini travel-handy bottle is worth 83p. 

The final product is a MOLLY MABEL POP BAND which is essentially elastic ribbon that isn't big enough for my ponytail (I have thick hair) and doesn't hold hair very tightly. It's really not very Impressive and the fact that they are priced at £4-£8 is disgusting. 

The total value of the bag not including the extras is £9.47. Considering this is the launch of MISS glossybox i was expecting something more spectacular, what do you think? 

Xoxo Kirsty 


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