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Thursday, September 05, 2013

August Favourites

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This is a little late but I was struggling to really choose products that i've adored this month. I've spent most of the summer barefaced in attempt to do my skin some good and as a result my make up has been neglected. These have really been my go-to products when I have worn make up.

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel - I use this as a bronzer as well as an all-over-face base. I'm relying on this to eke out my tan for as long as possible.

MAC Ambering Rose Blush - I picked this up as an impulse purchase at the airport on my way out of England. I'd been watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and was inspired to find an orange-y blush. This is so pigmented that I barely use any each time, and it gives a lovely glow to my cheeks. I don't think i've touched another blush in months. 

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse travel size - I really like this oil, it smells really luxurious and does wonders for my skin and hair.  

Sleek Brow Kit in Dark- Eyebrows really define a face for me, and since i've been using this i've liked my brows a lot more. If i only have time to apply one thing before rushing out, this would be it. 

MAC Lustre finish in Cusp of Dawn - This is the perfect shimmery nude and complements any eye look. 

Clarins Body Shaping Cream - I really don't believe that anything other than a change of diet and exercise is going to shape my body but I love this cream never the less. It sinks in rapidly and leaves my legs super soft. It has a bit of a tingly effect too which has been very refreshing in the summer heat. 

What are your favourite products this month?

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