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Friday, September 20, 2013

A/W 13 LFW: Maybelline Beauty Boxes

post signature My mum is such a babe. She got invited to LFW through a networking group and brought me (and herself) a goodie box! Such a sweetie! She bought two boxes, both £10 each and both full of full size samples worth over £25! bargain!

Here's a look at what's inside:

 Each box had different products in them, each relating to an A/W 13 beauty trend. One was Aerodynamic Liner, the other Pure Enhancement. So what do these mean?
 One of the most popular trends in the upcoming months are bold and bright colours. Perfectly drawn eyeliner, show-stopping nail colours and thick full lashes. 
The other trend is enhancing your natural beauty; highlighting your assets, whilst keeping your look pure and simple. (Hear'Say's song just came to mind.. lalalalala)

 As you can see, there's quite a selection of full sized products in there.. and only for a tenner a box! (I can't get over the value for money!!)

On the left is the Pure Enhancement products. We have:
-Colour Show Nail Lacquer in Nebline-
-Baby Lips Lip Balm in Hydrate-
-Dream Touch Blush in Berry-
-Mega Plush Mascara in Very Black-
-Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in Dark Brown-

On the right is the Aerodynamic Liner products. We have:
-Eyestudio Master Duo Liquid Liner in Black Lacquer-
-Superstay 24 Waterproof Powder in  Nude-
-Rocket Mascara in Black-
-Colour Show Nail Lacquer Neons Collection in Blackout + Orange Fix-

Lets have a look at them individually..


'Skater girl style is in this autumn/winter. Create a look that is attitude-heavy but that also gives a clean, light feel....Own your liner this season!'

'Does your powder last all day? Say goodbye to shine with our first waterproof powder! Now you can stay looking shine free all day long!' RRP £6.99

Says it all really.. the shade is a little light for me, but my foundation is too dark so will even it out a bit I hope! Will not be using this sponge as I have a brush for powder. (Does anyone actually use the tools things come with?)


'Go big and bold or slim and sexy! Our thick to thin tip creates 2 looks in 1! Use the applicator on the wide side to create a dramatic bold line or simply twist to get an elegant thin line' RRP £5.29

As you all probably are aware... I am a huge fan of liquid liner and cannot go a day without it. I feel naked without it. Its more of a tool to bring more attention to my eyes and highlight them than a bold 'statement'.
 I go for the cat flicks at the end to widen my eyes. This liner looks perfect for how I use liquid liner. A thin side for precision and a thick side for bolder days. I think I'm going to enjoy using this!

'Clump-free explosive volume! Our Jet-Glide brush loads up to 8x more volume so fast, there's no time for clumps!' RRP £7.99
I can't quite give up on my Benefit They're Real mascara yet as it truly is amazing. But I must say I like the look of this mascara. The thick wand looks like it can really make a difference to the apparent thickness of lashes. And provided I twist and don't pump the mascara.. should be able to get the 8x more mascara on the brush that it claims.

'Our transparent gel based formula delivers BOLD, CRISP COLOUR. Color Show brings an instant seasonal update to your fingertips in 42 fashion shades' RRP £2.99 each
I have a mild obsession with nail varnish.. I probably have about 100+ bottles. I'm in the process of making a shelving unit for them on the side of my dressing table/wardrobe thing. (I'll show you when it's finished) Orange and Black are the two colours I'm actually running out of so these were a lucky find! Hopefully with the gel base they will paint on smoothly.

Total Box Value: £26.25


'Natural radiance is revisited this season, with terms such as "handsome", "real" and "fresh" defining the ultimate "born with it" beauty. It's all about pushing your natural features... Working with what you've got!'

'Creates massive lush volume, leaving lashes feeling soft & silky, not brittle or flaky. For best results sweep from root to tip until a full plush look is achieved!' RRP £7.99

Now my mum is a fan of the 'natural' look.. she doesn't look like she's wearing makeup when she actually is.. and according to her, that's the way makeup is supposed to be worn. But I suppose it depends on the wearer and what they're trying to achieve with makeup. If it's a mask like me.. you'll want to cake the stuff on, but still look like you're barely wearing it. (There's a trick to it)
I think this mascara will work well with her heated eyelash curlers she also bought herself as she prefers natural lashes as opposed to spider leg looking ones.

'Sculpt browns to wow! Perfect brow contouring has never been easier with the new 360degree ball brush. Simply brush the mascara onto your brows in light upward strokes.' RRP £4.99

My mum has kindly given this to me as she doesn't think she'll use it.. But I know I will! I normally use powder to fill in and shape my eyebrows.. but I think I'll give this a good go and see if the results are the same.


'Our amazing air-whipped formulation creates a unique silky texture which means you get gorgeous, seamless cheek colour that blends like a dream with no streaking, flaking or caking.' RRP £6.49
 I was never really a fan of Maybelline's Dream collection. Their Dream Matte Mousse was the bain of my teenage years.. never finding a matching shade and never getting it thin enough not to look like I'm from TOWIE. Times seem to have changed however as this texture is a lot lighter than it used to be and blends in very well. I may have to steal this off my mum! 

 'Bored of lip balm? Try new Baby lips 8hr moisturising balm. It caused a craze in the U.S and has finally landed in the UK! With 6 available; 3 tinted, 3 SPF 20, why not collect them all!' RRP £2.99

Well first let me apologise about the quality of the picture. It blurred a little and I couldn't be bothered to take another! (only being honest)

I am true to my Bebe lip balm.. but this smells yummy! Kind of orangey.. I can't quite pin the scent. I applied it 3 hours ago and my lips still feel hydrated.. So it seems to be working! The taste of it however is nothing to brag about.. then again that might be how it lasts so long... because noone is licking it off every 5 minutes. mmm tasty lip balm.

And finally,

'Our transparent gel based formula delivers BOLD, CRISP COLOUR. Color Show brings an instant seasonal update to your fingertips in 42 fashion shades' RRP £2.99 each

Really didn't need to write that again.. but I don't know.. you may have forgotten.. in the space of 2 minutes.. Anyhow.. I'm not sure I like this shade.. my mum applied it and it looked awful. I think maybe it might be our skin tone that it doesn't suit. A fair skinned girl would suit this more I think.. Oh well.. more to add to the ever-growing collection!

Hope you liked the post, hopefully I will make it to London Fashion Week this season. Although I think I'm working everyday till the end of the month now.. :( woe is me.
There's always MFW or PFW.. but its very unlikely I'll go to those.. so LFW S/S 14 it is.

Did you go to LFW this season? What goodies did you pick up?
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