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Friday, September 20, 2013

30 Tips To Show-Stopping MakeUp - Tip 3: Tangerine Orange or Ghostly White?

post signature Ever apply foundation thats either way too light or way too dark for your skin tone and you either look like a ghost or an oompah loompah? Well here's a tip on how to get your foundation colour right first time!

Best thing to do when selecting a new foundation is to do a simple colour test. Look on your wrist… what colour are your veins under natural light?
-      Greenish? You have a warm skin tone and need a foundation with peachy tints
-       Bluish? You have a cool skin tone and pink based foundations are best for you.  
 - Green/blue? This is a neutral skin tone and lucky you, you can wear both cool and warm foundations. 
-Reddish skin tones require reddish-brown to copper foundations regardless of shade – light/medium/dark.

With this guide you should be able to find your shade much easier! If not.. go to a beauty advisor on a concession in a department store. They're there to help!

 Try and change your foundation every 6 months.. youre not always the same colour!

Hope you find this helpful!
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