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Monday, September 09, 2013

Showdown: MAC Fluidline vs Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner

MAC Fluidline & Illamasqua Precision  Gel Liner pots

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I'm a huge fan of gel eyeliner, it's so much easier to work with than liquid or pencil and really gives a little something extra to a smokey eye look. I've tried lots of different brands over the years including both drugstore and more high end gels. I'd like to start by saying that price rarely comes into it for gel liners. Maybelline has done an astounding job and its less than £10. I have very high expectations from a gel liner- it has to be easy to apply and work with and be very durable. 
For once, packaging makes very little difference to me and as I use my own brush (MAC 209) I know that it will be easy to control the application.
MAC fluidline and Illamasqua precision gel liner pots with MAC 209 eyeliner brushes
The two gel liners that, for me, really stand out are MAC Fluidline and Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner. It will not be quite a like-for-like comparison because the MAC is in  Dipdown, a dark brown and the Illamasqua is in Infinity which is a very black, black. One negative of Fluidline I will mention early on is that it dries out like nobody's business, which is why I've had to chuck the Blacktrack. 
MAC: It can last all day, but if you're one for rubbing your eyes a lot accidentally it won't. It has a tendency to 'fracture' if applied to thickly which is a pain. BUT it does not smudge, not one bit.
 Illamasqua: It's super prone to smudging even when 'dry', which is fantastic for a smokey eye but a pain in the bum if you want a sleek look.
MAC: The price has recently gone up (Surprise, Surprise!) £15 is a lot for a liner but you get loads in the pot and it lasts forever (as long as it doesn't dry out).
Illamasqua: I bought this in a half price sale but the usual price is £18. Not bad for the brand but for a liner it's verging on painful. The pot is very large and I use barely any product for a full cat eye which makes me think as long as I keep my brushes clean that this will last a very long time.
MAC: This is great for a smudged look as well as a clean cat eye but if you don't move quickly it won't budge. In the photo you can see that it wouldn't smudge at all after 5 minutes-only fade!
Illamasqua: Very easy to work with and mistakes are easily tidied up with a cotton swab. More suited to a smokey eye than anything crisp. It does take a while for it to 'set'.
MAC: I can't compare directly with the two different colours but from experience Blacktrack is a rival to be reckoned with. Available in seven (!!) different shades. 
Illamasqua: This is a relatively new product and currently only available in black (boo).
Gel eyeliner pots
L - MAC £15.00 R - Illamasqua £18.00

Gel Eyeliner SwatchesTOP MAC Fluidline, BOTTOM Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner

Gel eyeliner smudged swatches
SMUDGED - TOP MAC Fluidline, BOTTOM Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner

Overall I really can't choose a winner, they are both fabulous and suit different uses!

What's your favourite liner?
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