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Thursday, October 17, 2013

30 Tips To Show-Stopping MakeUp: Tip 5 - Your Face is a Canvas

post signature Apologies for not posting in AGES! I've been busy starting at a new university -  I'm now based in London at London Met Uni, studying Journalism, Film and Television studies for my 3rd and final year of a degree. 6 months and I'm a graduate!!

Anyway, lets get down to business.. finally.. after a long wait, I bring you tip number 5 of the Show-Stopping MakeUp series of posts..

Like a painter primes a canvas, it is always recommended to prime your skin prior to applying your ‘face’.  Start with a good primer than evens out your skin texture and makes your face a blank canvas. A silicone primer or cream allows a smooth surface for foundation to blend and adhear to. It also helps your make up last longer without spoiling.

I use bareMinerals Prime Time and Benefit Porefessional.
The textures fill in my pores and smooth over all my imperfections, creating a smooth, blemish-free canvas for all my makeup.

Apply your primer, followed by foundation, concealer or powder and then your eye make up. Finish off with setting powder and you’re done!

 Remember less is more; apply primer sparingly!

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