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Monday, October 07, 2013

Monday Must Click Links

post signature  I'm going to try and make this link roundup a weekly feature, the list below includes some beauty blogs but also other blogs that i've found either useful or hilarious. These are all well worth following on the available platform or bookmarking for future reference. This obviously coincides with the blog hop that we happen to be co-hosting today, please sign up to that and check out some new blogs.


This is not your average nail art blog, and don't put off if you cannot read French. It has really easy step by step gif tutorials and I think it's really inspiring if you're stuck in a nail art rut. Do be prepared to suffer a bit of nail envy because her skills are flawless.

Pugly Pixel

This graphic design blog was invaluable when I was trying to redesign our blog layout by myself, it has loads of useful features and some cute graphics freebies.

Left Bank Manc

You really have to read this blog from the very beginning to appreciate the tale of a young lady's mischief & shenanigans au pairing in Paris. You don't even need to have spent anytime as an au pair to find her hilarious. She's no longer in Paris but just as funny and has even recently revealed her secret identity.

The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

Sandra comes across as really, genuine and lovely and gives quite a fresh perspective. She's also started filming videos for Youtube which are well worth a watch. She's not UK or US based which means that you don't have to trawl through all the typical humdrum content and carbon-copy reviews that seem to fill my blogfeed recently.

Which blogs are you loving this week?

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