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Saturday, October 05, 2013

October Picks: Statement Jewellery

ASOS Just Acces Eda Ribbon Box Chain Collar, Accessorize Slinky Flat Chain Necklace, Topshop Chocolate Chain Necklace

post signature  I love chunky jewellery, especially necklaces, I've never been one for dainty adornments and I think bold accessories really add to an outfit. I do own quite a few 'finer' pieces but I feel like they are underwhelming sometimes, i'm not a very dainty person so statement jewellery is much better at balancing me out.

I think I'm quite fussy about choosing jewellery and if there's something slightly off about a piece, I will convince myself I hate it. I have a deep set hatred of rhinestones and plastic so I tend to avoid those components. I've been in a bit of a chain/ribbon phase since I was about 16, it stems completely from Chanel 2..55 straps.

1. Slinky Flat Chain Necklace from Accessorize at £10 this is the cheapest on my wish list, its a really classic design and it could be paired with almost everything. Accessorize always manages to produce really affordable, fashionable pieces- even if it tends to be a little later than power houses like Topshop.

2. Large Chocolate Chain Necklace from Topshop. I don't own any 'chocolate' coloured jewellery and I think this would be really nice Autumn/Winter piece. It would probably go with most of my clothes and is a little Céline-esque. It's only £14 and Topshop currently have 20% for students which makes this a lovely little bargain.

3. Just Acess Eda Ribbon Chain Collar available on ASOS. This is by far my favourite. I'd never heard of Just Acces before but they have some absolutely stunning necklaces. They are right up my street- ropey/ribbony, bold and shiny. Definitely more of an investment at £39.00 but it's irresistible.

I would definitely prefer it if each of these was just a teensy bit longer, I do not have a small chest and I hate it when my necklace takes a back seat. It's not the 90s, chokers are not acceptable in my book, whats so wrong with wanting something to rest mid-décolletage? I want necklaces to sit below the hem of my top, not half on/half off.

What statement pieces are you lusting after this autumn?

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