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Thursday, October 24, 2013

My MAC Make Up Brush Collection

post signature This post is pretty self explanatory so I won't ramble too much about the virtues of MAC brushes. I hold fast to the hope that with proper care, these beauties will last me a lifetime. They are far more expensive than the likes of Real Techniques but when I started my collection they did not exist yet, and I want everything to match.

I am really keen to try some Sigma brushes, which fortunately can be bought in sets and are not extortionately priced. I think it's weird that not all the brushes are uniform in terms of country of production but I chalk that down to the fact that they were not all bought in the same country. I purchased all of these from MAC stores or concessions and I wish I'd bought them all in the UK because it's so much cheaper than Switzerland.

190 Foundation Brush Synthetic  £27.00 
187 Duo Fibre Brush £33.50 Natural/Synthetic Blend
168 Large Angled Contour Brush £27.00 Natural Fibres
116 Blush Brush Natural £27.00 

Face brushes are really important, because my podgy mitts will only get me so far. I can't imagine trying to contour with anything other than my 168. 

L-R 187, 116, 168, 190

195 Concealer Brush £18.00 Synthetic
217 Blending Brush £18.00 Natural
209 £16.50 Eye Liner Brush Synthetic
263 Small Angle Brush £16.50 Synthetic 

Honestly I can survive without a concealer brush, I find that it blends and 'melts' far better when I use my fingertips but for the sake of hygiene, a brush is a must. 
Since late 2011 when I realised that my eyebrows were not the works of art I thought they were, the 263 has been a saviour for filling them in. I'm a huge fan of gel liners and the 209 is the best brush I have used to date, and I have tried a double digit figure in my quest for the perfect brush.

L-R 263, 209, 217, 195

For my post about how I clean and care for my brushes take a look here, although I really should so an updated routine post. Its worth noting that synthetic brushes take an alarmingly long time to dry in comparison to natural bristles.

If you're considering investing in some MAC brushes of your own I would recommend buying them directly from MAC either online or at a store/concession. I'm really paranoid about fakes after getting burned on eBay once (not with brushes though). If you're determined to try and find a bargain online make sure that you buy from a reputable seller and try and do some research about spotting fakes beforehand. 

Do you have any brush recommendations for me?

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