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Monday, October 14, 2013

REVIEW: Dove Maximum Protection goFresh

Dove Maximum Protection goFresh

post signature A lot of these snazzy new extra-strong deodorants have been popping up on my blogger and bloglovin feed recently and I can't really understand the obsession with them, Sure has obviously been implementing an aggressive marketing campaign.
I bought this Dove Maximum Protection anti-perspirant back in the UK at the beginning of summer and is very nearly finished. Lasting 3 months isn't bad and I think the fact that turning the little dial provides just the right amount is a bonus. I tend to go a bit crazy with sprays and there's no real way to measure how much you're putting on.

it is "scientifically proven wetness protection" which is brilliant because I don't want an anti-perspirant to just stop me from smelling, I want it to keep me dry as a bone. Now that it's winter and I plan on hibernating and doing no exercise I might go back to a regular strength anti-perspirant.

I picked the goFresh Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena scent because it had the prettiest packaging and I'm shallow like that.

I paid just over £5.00 which is a bit of a joke really but when I compare it to other products that I happily splash out on it doesn't seem so bad. I have no qualms spending £30 on a moisturiser that lasts the same amount of time and deodorant is arguably much more important.

What do you make of the new super anti-perspirants?

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