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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Q Balance The Fine Fragrance Body Spray

Q Balance The Fine Fragrance Body Spray

post signature I thought i'd review this body spray that came in a Glossybox a few months ago. I'll start off by saying that i'm not really a body spray fan, i'm a one perfume woman and it would take a lot to change that.

I owned the odd Impulse spray when I was much younger but now I tend to find the scents really harsh and overpowering.

I'd never heard of Q balance before I received this and unfortunately the first impressions were not good. The packaging has potential but the type looks really dull and the grey plastic lid makes it look cheaper than I think the brand is trying to come across as.

They describe the scent as:

"A floral harmony of Iris and Mimosa. Romantic, soft and sensuous."

To me it smells really coconutty/cocoa buttery, which is probably in my imagination but it really reminds me of strongly scented body creams.

"Spritz your body top-to-toe every day with a blend of fine fragrances and soft sense-active deodorant protection. Sheer, floral top notes delicately blossom on the skin, evolving into deep, warm, sensuous base notes for confident all over body fragrance and freshness, all day long."

I personally wouldn't spritz this all over my body, the scent is really far too strong for my taste and sort of catches in the back of my throat. I have actually been using this as a room spray as it's quite nice when it's 'diluted' a bit. As for the deodorant aspect, I don't think this meets my standards. Maybe i've been spoilt for anti-perspirant quality with the Dove Maximum Protection but I really wouldn't recommend relying on this to keep you smelling fresh after anything more than reclining on the sofa.

There are a few other Q scents in the range that can be found on the Boots website here for just under £3.00.

What do you think of body sprays?
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