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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

REVIEW: Clarins High Definition Body Lift

Clarins High Definition Body Lift Packaging

post signature I bought this little gem as part of a slightly-smaller-than-original-size set from Nice airport well over a year ago now. Clarins has always been a brand that has attracted me, they have such a fantastic reputation and I love the simple, classic packaging. I've only really gotten into using this over the last couple of months in conjunction with the Clarins Body Shaping Cream. I'd just like to say that no cream in existence is going to make you any skinnier and i'm not naive enough to think that this could have been the exception.

However, I was hoping that this would even out my skin tone on my legs and generally improve their appearance. It has definitely smoothed them out a bit and made them feel a little firmer, but sadly has not 'lifted' them in any way. I suppose when you take into account my age (22) There's not actually anything that needs lifting so perhaps I'm not the best person to evaluate it's magic powers.

Clarins state that it's for 'cellulite control', but i'm not sure what that means exactly. I think they have been very clever by not openly claiming to get rid of cellulite. But I can certainly vouch for its smoothing and firming qualities.

Clarins High Definition Body Lift Consistency

It's more of a gel than a cream and has tiny little red balls in that dissolve when its rubbed in. It really tingles when applied, almost to the point of discomfort. Clarins recommend applying it from ankles to waist but I recommend missing out a certain business area. Well not the business business bit (who does that?!?) but the skin at the top of the thigh area etc is very sensitive and the minty burn is quite unpleasant. 

I don't think i'll be repurchasing when I run out because it hasn't impressed me and I found it really drying. I don't have the patience to apply 2 lots of products to my legs (hence the lack of fake tanning) so i'll be sticking to a nice firming moisturiser in future. 

What do you make of the Clarins High Definition Body Lift?
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