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Friday, October 11, 2013

Rimmel Apocolips: Worth the Hype?

post signature The hype surrounding these lip lacquers when they were first released was astounding. I bought the Rimmel Apocolips in 500 Luna many moons ago and it has sat at the bottom of the proverbial make up bag ever since. To answer the question of whether it is worth the hype I have measured it against my usual standards for a lip product.

Longevity Poor, it slides right off whenever I eat or drink but barely lasts a couple of hours on my lips if i don't disturb it. 

Colour This was the nicest colour available in my opinion, I felt the pinks and reds were too bright for me and I was expecting this to be a nice coral. It is more orange than peachy but it's still quite a pretty shade.

Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquer in Luna Swatch

Finish Shiny, but takes quite a lot of product to get to an opaque level which is really annoying.

Formula Grim, it slips and slides all over the show and is really runny for a lip lacquer when compared to Nars products that are practically solid.

Packaging Very cute and geometric although I would prefer it if the graphics were a bit girlier. The Doe-Foot applicator is a nightmare, it clings on to far too much product which makes precise application tricky. Fortunately this colour wasn't too noticeable if I smeared it everywhere.

Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquer in Luna doe foot applicator

Verdict No they are not worth the hype. It's a nice enough lip lacquer but the consistency is really off putting. 

What did you make of the Apocolips?

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