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Monday, November 25, 2013

December #bbloggers Blog Hop

post signature  This is the fifth #bbloggers blog hop hosted by us and we've already discovered loads of lovely new blogs. We've decided to make a few tweaks to ensure the smooth running of the blog hop. Rather than a new blog hop every week, they will now be monthly. This will give more time to upload your link and discover new blogs and I'm also really forgetful and keep forgetting to make a new blog hop *sorry*
Even if you have added your link before, don't forget to add it again as that will ensure maximum exposure to new readers. If you have ever participated in the blog hop your link will be added to the #bbloggers directory, which can be found here.

The story of the blog hop: I don't know what happened to the original blog hop but it has now been resurrected here. Trading links, as fun and personal it is, can get really spammy during the #bbloggers chat on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. I thought that this would be a good solution- somewhere where we can share links without detracting from the chat topics. Every week I will add all the links from the blog hop to the #bbloggers directory, that way we all have a solid list of active beauty blogs that we can refer to when we are looking for something new to read. I hope it will be a nice alternative to favouriting tweeted links for future reference.
The blog hop is not limited to beauty bloggers because I know many of you also classify your blogs as lifestyle and/or fashion too.
There are no rules per se, although it would be lovely if you could follow us on either Bloglovin or GFC.
The links are there for your perusal- Try and check out as many new blogs as possible and let them know if you stop by.

If you're taking part in the blog hop please tweet us about it @beautypblog. The more bloggers that take part, the better the blog hop will be. 

We are happy to have a few co-hosts every month, if you fancy having the #bbloggers blog hop on your blog too- just email or tweet us!

We are keen on featuring a new blogger every week and do a little Q&A. If you'd like to be featured just let us know either by email (beautyisperfectionblog@gmail.com or @beautypblog).

Grab the button for your blog:

Add your links below ladies (and gents)!

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  1. Hi :)
    I would love to take part.
    My blog link is: http://clemloves.blogspot.com
    Clem xo


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