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Friday, November 29, 2013

UK Haul

post signature I realised I completely forgot to blog about any of the stuff I bought whilst I was back in England, so here it is...

 I took advantage of the 3 for £10 on Aussie products and went for the Mega Shampoo and Conditioner because they are supposed to not leave any residue and i've had quite a problem with product build up recently. The 3 Minute Miracle is a long time favourite of mine and is a real treat for my dry hair. Jasmine bought me the Super Beauty Raspberry & Cranberry Body Scrub, it smells heavenly and I can't wait to start using it.

I've been a fan of Imperial Leather Foamburst for quite a while and the new packaging design is lovely. I chose Sweet Vanilla & Cherry Blossom and it is probably my favourite shower gel so far this year- It smell divine and leaves my skin quite soft and squeaky clean. I had wanted to pick up some coconut oil for ages and came across this little'un in Boots for less than £3- it's great for sorting out my winter-dry skin and doesn't leave too much of a greasy finish. Next time i'll probably go for some virgin coconut oil that hasn't got any ingredients in, another thing about this one is the jar-it's pretty difficult to get my hand in and scrape out the oil once it's solid. 

Dove Anti-Perspirant worked out cheaper if I bought 2 so I chose Beauty Finish and Go Fresh, they aren't the best of deodorants but they do the trick and smell fine.
I managed to persuade my mum to give me her Chanel Chance Body Moisture because she has never used it and I will give it the appreciation it deserves. I love the scent and it's the perfect light body lotion. 

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