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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Secret Santa - Delayed Post!

Hi Girlies, I can't believe it's been so long since my last post! Third year is really what it promised to be.. a very busy year.. non stop assignments!
We took part in a bloggers secret santa, run by the lovely Jess and Char.
We had the privilege of buying for Siobhan of The Beauty Baker and we're glad she loved her prezzies.
For the life of me I cannot find the card that came with our presents, telling us who sent them, but as soon as I find it, I'll give her a big shout out and a massive thank you :)
Update: It was Lauryn who was out secret santa- Thank you Lauryn!

So here are our gifts!
In her cute little card, she explained that she tried to get two of everything so, as sisters, Kirsty and myself didn't have to argue over anything... obviously with Kirsty in Paris, I got first dibs!

First of all, this wrapping paper that covered everything was adorable! cute little santa and snowmen! cute! and it's pink! even better!

 All wrapped up, I discovered two sparkly nail varnishes! WE LOVE sparkly nail varnish! so this W7 polish was great! The bottle on the left is a sort of blue/purple colour and goes great with a deep purple or even black polish on other fingers, The silver ones is also great to pair with any colour really! We love the coloured ring finger look!

Next to unwrap were the face masks and the fake eyelashes. As students, we love going out and partying and it's our skin that tends to suffer the most. Now I actually used the Tropical Cocktail Peel- Off Mask the other day and separated it half and half with my little brother - he's at that age where he's beginning to get blemishes so I promised him this would help.. and said "it's really fun to peel off!" so he reluctantly agreed, but stayed quiet once he smelt it! It smelt of coconut and mango and made us want to eat it! Now any product that can smell nice enough for a man (okay 15 year old boy in this case) to try it, its certainly a winner. You can find masks like this for around a pound or so in Superdrug. He even asked me if he could peel off mine as well to see if he can do it in one piece! He didn't. ha fail. 
Another going out must-have would be fake eyelashes. I never really feel like I'm dressed up until I've got a pair on, it really brings attention to the eyes (away from the boobs) and makes me feel more girly. They look great either on their own or with a smokey eye or simple liner flick. I had lash extensions put in a few months ago and loved not needing to wear make up during the day, but as extensions can be quite damaging, it's better to wear adhesive strip lashes. Even if they are a hassle to apply. I never wear them in the day time as I think it can look tacky, but with the right pair - natural, just giving a little more volume and length - not looking cheap and trashy.. they can look really nice. 

We also got these fluffy socks - I've been complaining how cold I am.. like ALL the time so I actually got bought around 10 pairs of fluffy socks for xmas, and these are a lovely pair to add to my collection.. now I know I'm supposed to share these with Kirsty, but I kind of have worn both of them now... whoops!

Also in the parcel, were a pack of 3 nail files, which have come in useful as I never have one handy when I need one! So I've slipped one in my handbag for those nail emergencies and put the others aside with my ever-growing nail polish collection!

And FINNALLYYY in the parcel we received a pedicure kit, containing nail scissors, a nail file, toe separators, a foot buffer and a pair of cotton slip on socks for night time use with a moisturiser. I've used these little sockets about 20 times now as my feet were getting a little dry, so whacked on a load of cream and slipped these on and slept. In the morning, woke up and my feet were smooth and fully moisturised. I love them! and they're so cute!

When Kirsty finally comes back from Paris, maybe she can have her pick of what I haven't yet used (not a lot).. but until then, I shall continue using them!

What did you get for christmas? Did you do a secret santa?
Let us know in the comments :)
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  1. Those lashes look pretty (:


  2. Replies
    1. I know! I haven't worn them yet though! :( I haven't been out in SO long :'(

  3. the polishes you got look lovely!i have some fluffy socks like those & i swear by them!i wear them over my normal socks as i have been so cold hehe!:)xx

    1. i love sparkly polish! i was bought about 10 pairs of fluffy socks for christmas as I'm always complaining I'm cold!! xx


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