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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Yves Rocher Mini Haul

On my way to the supermarket yesterday, which just happens to be in huge shopping mall, I couldn't stop myself from popping into Yves Rocher. It's not a store I've bought much from in the past and I've not been particularly impressed with the products I have tried. For me, Yves Rocher is a little bit like a French Body Shop, with a little bit more of an emphasis on natural ingredients. 

The Pink Grapefruit Vitamin Face Mist was at the tills and I bought it expecting it to only be a couple of euros because it is so mini. It turned out to be €4.90! I have learned my lesson and hope I get along well with this product. First impressions are good, The spray is very refreshing and invigorating- my main issue is that the mist it sprays isn't very fine and it's concentrated to a small area. 

They had tonnes of different shower/bath gels and they all smell completely edible. I went for the mini Organic Raspberry Shower Gel because I've never tried a shower product from Yves Rocher and I wasn't sure whether I'd like it very much. I think this was around €1.50. It smells divine and I think I actually prefer it to the Sephora Strawberry Shower Cream I'm currently using. 

This is actually what I went in store to have a look at, I always see the teeny tiny nail polish bottles in the window display, and at €1.95 I thought it would make a lovely addition to my collection. I stupidly left all my pinks back in the UK and i'm getting tired of alternating between red, white, nude and mint green. I'm quite impressed with the formulation, it was more or less opaque after 1 coat but I used two thin coats to even it. I really like the colour, it's a very dusky pink that reminds of the Seche Vite pink that came in a Glossybox last year. This one is called 14. Rose and I'm keen to try a few other colours from the range. 

Have you tried anything from Yves Rocher?

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  1. oh that shower gel looks amazing! :-) xx


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