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Friday, July 18, 2014

Haircut Inspiration & dying disasters

Mid-length hairstyles

I'm hoping to get my hair cut whilst I'm in the UK, I actually can't even wear it down with confidence anymore because it just looks so bad. 
As you may know, a few months back I decided to ruin dye my hair. I only really wanted it a medium/caramel brown but because I had dyed my hair black 7 months before I had really dark hair to lift plus darkish brown long roots. I researched how to do it properly myself at home and epically failed, all the websites that say go to a salon are correct and I had to learn that the hard way. 
I console myself with the fact that most professionals would have refused to lift my hair colour as much as I wanted, but really I was a complete fool. My first mistake was trying to bleach my whole head at once, obviously I should have left the 'virgin' roots alone! The results meant that I spent weeks trying to get the colour even to no avail. I ended up with yellow/white straw that would snap off mid-length just when I ran my hands through it. I believe this is called a chemical haircut. 
I thought my hair was in bad condition before, but boy, was I wrong! A centimetre of dodgy ends is nothing in comparison to over-bleached hair that feels like strands of elastic when wet. Even after weeks and weeks of deep conditioning treatments it's still difficult to comb it. I had about 3-4 inches off the length last time I was in the UK and I avoided getting layers because that usually means more damage for my hair. 
That was another mistake, because due to my hair type, I now have a pyramid head. The top half of my hair literally sticks out horizontally unless I straighten it to death which is only making the damage worse. I know I need to have at least another 15cm off the length which will make it the shortest style i've had in over 10 years. The worst of it is that I had decided to grow my hair super long last year and obviously I just completely self-sabotaged. 
I want a mid-length, light style that's easy to maintain and fix every morning. I don't want my hair to be any shorter than my collarbone because I will look like more of a potato than usual! Hopefully I will end up with something similar to the ladies in the pictures above.
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