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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lierac HydraChrono+ Baume Levres

Lierac HydraChrono+ Baume Levres

Lierac really is a brand that doesn't get enough time in the spotlight, the make some real skincare gems and my wish list is a long as my arm! I have had my eye on this lip balm since I was stuck in Zurich airport for 4 hours alone last year and spent the entire time in the pharmacy browsing. I prioritised the Nuxe reve de miel balm as I'd wanted that for longer and I couldn't justify buying more than one considering the horrific exchange rate to swiss francs.  This beauty retails for around €12 which is pretty steep for a lip balm that hasn't got much of a reputation.

Lierac HydraChrono+ Baume Levres

I was dithering over to buy it and just the next day saw that it came free with Votre Beauté, which solved that problem nicely. The magazine was less than a third of the price so I was very pleased to have spotted it. It is as lovely as i'd hoped it would be and is absorbed quickly, leaving my lips very soft. It's available in the untinted and also a slightly pink version.  The packaging looks very fancy, but doesn't feel very luxurious because it is just plastic. It still beats chapstick though!
If you want to read about my favourite Lierac cream, I wrote about it here. Have you tried any Lierac products?
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